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New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle (R,C,I – Port Jefferson) said the Senate passed a bill (S.5560) today that significantly expands the ability of law enforcement to solve crimes by requiring those convicted of all felonies and misdemeanors to submit DNA samples.

The measure is supported by the District Attorneys across the state, crime victims’ advocates and Governor Andrew Cuomo.

“This  bill would greatly enhance the DNA database and protect communities by keeping more criminals off the streets, while also reducing the financial costs and victims’ emotional strain by solving more crimes in an expeditious manner,” said LaValle,  “for New Yorkers throughout the state, this legislation will provide an additional layer of safety.”


Senate Increases Penalties for DWI Recidivists

New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle said  today that the Senate passed a measure on June 16 that imposes mandatory jail time for individuals who choose to drive again under the influence of drugs or alcohol after having been previously convicted of such a crime. The bill (S.2597) is intended to increase the penalties for multiple DWI offenders.

“It is critical to the safety of motorists that we do our best to ensure that those who endanger the lives of others are kept off the road,” said Senator LaValle.  “This measure will protect the public from drunk drivers by giving law enforcement additional tools to effectively prosecute recidivist drunk drivers.”

Under the measure:


LaValle Co-Sponsors “Protect Our Children Act”

Legislation has been introduced in the New York State Senate that would make sweeping, comprehensive changes to the state’s child protection laws to help protect children from cruel and repeated abuse. The bill, called the “Protect Our Children Act” (S.5862), is co-sponsored by Senator Kenneth P. LaValle (R,C,I –Port Jefferson).

 Among the more than two dozen provisions of this legislation, the Protect Our Children Act would create the new crime of aggravated murder of a child with a sentence of life without parole. 


Senate Passes Bills to Curb Illegal Prescription Drug Abuse

With the abuse of illegally-obtained prescription narcotics growing rapidly, the New York State Senate today passed several bills to curb the black market in prescription painkillers said New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle (R,C,I – Port Jefferson)

LaValle said the Senate approval of the bills followed a roundtable discussion on the issue of abuse of prescription painkillers held today by Senator Hannon and Senator Jeff Klein, Chairman of the Senate Committee on Alcohol and Substance Abuse.  This was a second in a series of public meetings discussing legislation to combat prescription drug abuse and to examine improving New York’s prescription reporting system.


All-Crimes DNA Law a Powerful Crimefighting Tool To Help Protect New Yorkers

New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle (R-C-I, Port Jefferson) today announced that the State Senate has voted to approve legislation that will implement the largest expansion of the State’s DNA databank since it was first created in 1994. 

The databank expansion, which has been agreed to by Governor Andrew Cuomo and the State Assembly, will help close thousands of unsolved cases, bring justice to crime victims, and help prevent dangerous criminals from committing additional crimes.

The Senate Republican Majority has led the effort to expand the databank, garnering strong public backing for the proposal through a series of on-line petitions and public events.  Several thousand citizens from communities across the state signed on in support of the measure.


LaValle: Senate Passes Tough Auto Insurance Fraud Measures

New York State Senator Kenneth P. LaValle said today that the Senate has passed passed three bills to combat auto insurance fraud, which costs New Yorkers more than $1 billion a year, as well as legislation that would impose stronger criminal penalties for staging auto accidents. Recent cases of auto insurance fraud have uncovered massive crime rings, including doctors, lawyers and scam artists who staged accidents and used New York's no-fault insurance program as their own, giant, state-sponsored ATM machine.

Senate action on the bills came on the ninth anniversary of the tragic death of Alice Ross, a 71-year-old wife and grandmother  who was killed as the result of a fraud-related, staged auto accident in Queens.


Senator Ken LaValle: Senate Passes Bills to Toughen Penalties on Sex Offenders

January 28, 2015 – Senator Ken LaValle reports that the NY State Senate approved a complete package of legislation that would help keep communities safer from sexual predators.

Senator Ken LaValle said. “Accurate residency information is crucial to help safeguard children, college students, and members of our communities from these sexual predators. These bills are critical to increasing the penalties for violations of residency reporting. We need to continue to strengthen important protections against sexual predators.”


Senator Ken LaValle Reports Legislation Passed to Fight Cyber Terrorism

Senate Bills Focus on Enforcing Stricter Penalties and Create Cyber Security Measures To Protect From Future Threats


Senator Ken LaValle: Strengthen Penalties for Meth-Related Crimes and to Assist In Preventing the Use of Parks or Playgrounds for Drug Activity

March 11, 2015 - Senator Ken LaValle reports that the State Senate passed two drug prevention bills to combat the spread of methamphetamine use in and to help prevent parks and playgrounds from being used by drug dealers.


Senator Ken LaValle: Hold Drivers Who Flee Accidents Accountable

March 25, 2015 – Senator Ken LaValle reports that the Senate has passed legislation that would close a legal loophole and hold drivers and drunk drivers that leave the scene of an accident more accountable for their actions.   The bill would clarify and strengthen the law regarding the obligations of those that are involved in an accident where there is a reasonable presumption of damage and/or injury.