Kevin S. Parker's posts related to Crime

Meeting a Hero

I had the pleasure to meet Lance Orton, the Time Square T-shirt salesman who helped foil the attempted Time Square Bomber.


(ALBANY, NEW YORK)  Governor Paterson signed into law a bill that will establish consumer safeguards to end aggressive tactics by energy companies offering energy supply contracts to residential and small business customers. “This legislation will ensure that New Yorkers are protected from door-to-door scammers peddling unfavorable energy supply contracts,” said Senator Kevin Parker (D-21).


Senator Parker visiting shooting victim Joel Klein

Today,  Senator Parker visited the four injured and hospitalized members of the Shomrim Patrol Force who were shot while responding to an incident  near 49th Street and 10th Avenue in Borough Park.

Senator Parker Applauds Gov. Cuomo’s Initiative to Reduce Recidivism

(Brooklyn, NY)  - “I believe Governor Cuomo’s progressive move to dramatically reduce New York State’s 40 percent prison recidivism rate is exactly the type of forward thinking move New York needs,” said Senator Kevin Parker. “Resurrecting New York’s historic policy of providing incarcerated individuals with the opportunity to earn a college degree in prisons across New York is a good investment in reducing recidivism and creates a pathway away from crime for prison inmates.“


Senate Passes Sen. Parker’s Bill Enhancing Penalties on Bias-Related Graffiti

(Brooklyn, NY) – Yesterday, the State Senate passed Senator Kevin Parker’s bill, S951A, which increases the penalties arising from bias related graffiti to make it even clearer that hate crimes must end in New York. In 2012, the number of hate crimes in New York increased by 30%, and in 2014 barely a week has passed without an account of anti-Semitic graffiti on privately owned vehicles or public buildings, such as the anti-Jewish graffiti rampage of last weekend in Central Brooklyn.