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Senator Parker Legislative Update - Roger Rosen

Roger Rosen, CEO of the educational publisher Rosen Publishing, was interviewed by Senator Parker (D-21) on June 15, 2011.   Rosen Publishing, Inc. is an independent educational publishing house, established in 1950 to serve the needs of students in grades Pre-K -12 with high interest, curriculum-correlated materials.  Parker discussed several topics including:

The importance of Teen Health & Wellness Database, created by the Rosen Publishing Company which is available at
Cyberbullying and Teen Suicide
The importance of electronic databases for access to information to teens
Cyber Safety for Parents and Childen

SENATOR PARKER, MAG MOGUL SEEK TO EXPAND MENTOR MOVEMENT -- Susan L. Taylor Implores Community Leaders to Take Action and Learn About Impacting Young Lives

Brooklyn, NY- Tonight Brooklyn corporate, nonprofit, entrepreneur and clergy leaders joined Senator Parker at a reception he sponsored on behalf of Brooklyn CARES Circle at Crystal Lounge in the heart of Flatbush and the five-term Senator’s district. Guests listened intently to staggering statistics of a fast-growing number of Black school-aged and teen-aged children falling below the already substandard poverty level. Special guest speaker Susan L. Taylor, CEO and founder of the National CARES Mentoring Movement and editor-in-chief emeritus of Essence magazine imparted to the enrapt attendees how their mentoring endeavor with an already-established youth service organization would dramatically impact these young lives and reverse these chilling facts.



Senator Parker Interviews Stephen Allinger (NYSUT)

March 1, 2012

State Senator Kevin Parker (D-21) Interviews Stephen Allinger, Legislative Director for New York State United Teachers

Discussion Topics:

The Importance of Education, Campaign on Fiscal Education law suit, Green Schools

About NYSUT:

NYSUT is more than 600,000 people who work in, or are retired from, New York's schools, colleges, and healthcare facilities. Dedicated to improving not only working conditions, but also professions, with a common commitment to improve the quality of education and healthcare for the people of New York.

Senator Parker Addresses Early Childhood Education

For Immediate Release: February 6, 2013

Senator Parker Addresses Early Childhood Education

Parker introduces a legislative package addressing the early childhood education system


Senator Parker Addresses Quality Education

Senator Parker Addresses Quality Education

Parker introduces a legislative package modeled on AQE’s “Averting Educational Crisis” Conference


Senator Parker Leads Call to Governor and Legislative Leaders to Boost School Aid Statewide and Reverse Proposed Cuts to New York City Schools

(Brooklyn)  Today, Senator Kevin Parker (D-21) and 19 additional Senate Democrats called upon Governor Cuomo and the Legislature’s leaders to make available an additional $350 million in school aid to be distributed in a way that prioritizes high need schools throughout the state.  With schools struggling to provide even the basics, another $350 million is necessary in order to prevent more cuts to the classroom and ensure that all of New York’s students are receiving a “sound basic education.”


Senator Kevin Parker Interview Steven Allinger, Director of Legislation for NYSUT

Senator Kevin Parker Interview Steven Allinger, Director of Legislation for New York State United Teachers