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Senator Lee Zeldin Attends Military Family Appreciation Day

Senator Lee Zeldin (R, C, I—Shirley) attended the first ever Military Family Appreciation Day at Heckscher State Park this past Sunday, July 28th. The event was organized by the Soldiers Project, a group that offers free, confidential counseling for military members and their families.

Honoring Our Veterans

Honoring Our Veterans: A Column by Senator Lee Zeldin

A distinctly American tradition, Veterans Day serves as an important reminder to honor and thank all of those who have sacrificed so much to preserve American freedom and liberty.


Senator Lee Zeldin Visits Tangier Smith Elementary School Veterans Day Celebration

Senator Lee Zeldin (R, C, I—Shirley) stopped by the Tangier Smith Elementary School Friday to take part in their Veterans Day Celebration.

A veteran himself and current Major in the Army Reserves, Senator Zeldin stood alongside some of our nation’s finest as they were presented with ‘thank you cards’ from the students for their dedicated service to our country.

Senator Lee Zeldin Announces Budget Win for PFC Joseph Dwyer Program for Veterans

Senator Lee Zeldin (R,C,I—Shirley) was joined by local leaders and veterans on Thursday, April 3, 2014, to announce the continuation and expansion of one of his most significant legislative achievements to date: the PFC Joseph Dwyer PTSD Peer-to-Peer Veterans Support program.

The unique program, which provides our heroes with support and guidance to combat the effects of Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) and Traumatic Brain Injury (TBI), has served 450 Suffolk County veterans since its inception. Given its success, the 2014-2015 state budget has expanded the program to include 12 counties across the state.

Senator Lee Zeldin Announces Budget Win for PFC Joseph Dwyer Program


April 3, 2014

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Senator Lee Zeldin Announces Budget Win for PFC Joseph Dwyer Program


Giving our Veterans the Peer Support They Need and Deserve: A Column by Senator Lee Zeldin

After the last mile of the parades have been walked and the barbeque flames have been extinguished—the flame of devotion to our veterans must be further extended. In honoring our veterans, those who have sacrificed the entirety of their lives to protect our own, it is critical that we carry the spirit of this past weekend with us far beyond a short holiday.

Memorial Day is about celebrating and remembering those who have lost their lives in service to our great nation. Words will never be enough to say thank you.

Yet, what better way to honor those we have lost than to ensure that their brothers and sisters in arms are treated with the highest caliber of respect and are afforded the very best care upon their return?


Senator Lee Zeldin Welcomes Islip Town Supervisor Home from Deployment

RONKONKOMA—On Wednesday, June 2, 2014, Senator Lee M. Zeldin (R,C—Shirley) welcomed home long-time friend and Islip Town Supervisor, Commander Tom Croci, USN-Intel officer, from his 3rd deployment to Afghanistan.

On this last deployment, Commander Croci was stationed in Afghanistan from September 28, 2013-June 22, 2014 while supporting special operations forces. A Hero’s welcome was held at MacArthur Airport in his honor and Senator Zeldin was on hand to present the Supervisor with a proclamation and to thank him for his dedicated service to our nation.

Senator Zeldin is pictured above with Commander Croci during the ceremony.


Senator Lee Zeldin: NYS Names Bridge for Local Veteran

July 3, 2014 Contact: Kara Cumoletti (518) 455-3570  cumolett@nysenate.gov