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More On The Differences Between Mr. Bloomberg & Me

By Daniel Millstone

Our Billionaire Mayor Michael Bloomberg is part of the problem and so far, even the advice of progressive thinker Andrea Batista Schlesinger (who started work for the Bloomberg campaign this past week) has not helped him think about becoming part of the solution. Will falling poll numbers wake him?


Krueger on Food Stamp Access

By David King

State Sen. Liz Krueger issued a press release today decrying reports that the Bloomberg administration has declined to take advantage of a provision in the federal stimulus bill that overturns a 1996 rule that placed limitations on the length of time some citizens could receive food stamps.


Healthcare Update Newsletter: Effects of Healthcare Reform Legislation

I know how confusing healthcare insurance issues can be, and in times like these, with new Federal legislation, these issues can get even more complicated. My office has received a great many calls from constituents seeking assistance in navigating issues of access to healthcare and in dealing with Medicare, Medicaid, and private insurance. As New York State moves toward implementing Federal healthcare reform, there are many new questions about what changes to expect. This newsletter is an effort to address some of these questions.

Please see attached newsletter.

Healthcare Mailer 9.2010.pdf


Senate Passes Krueger Bill That Would Result in More Federal Food Stamp Aid to City Programs

Albany, NY – State Senator Liz Krueger (D-Manhattan) today announced the passage of legislation in the New York State Senate that would result in more federal funding for food stamp programs in New York City. The bill (S. 452) passed the Senate with a unanimous 56-0 vote.


Sen. Krueger Writes in The Hill: Washington's Fad Diet

Sen. Krueger wrote this piece for The Hill's Congress Blog, explaining why Congress' proposed millions in cuts to the food stamps program make no sense.


Statement: City's Teen Pregnancy Ad Campaign "Pathologically Mean-Spirited"

Senator Krueger issued the following statement on the City Human Resources Administration's new ad campaign on teen pregnancy:

As someone who has spent decades in the fight against poverty and the fight to make sure women have equal rights to have or not have children, I am appalled at the ill-targeted and pathologically mean-spirited ad campaign put forward by the New York City Human Resources Administration, supposedly intended to reduce teen pregnancy.