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Select Committee receives staff report on modernizing New York State's telecommunications taxes

The Select Committee on Budget and Tax Reform on Thursday received a staff report on modernizing New York State's telecommunications taxes.

The report, which is based on oral and written statements from the Select Committee's August 12 roundtable, notes how New York State’s telecommunications tax system is long overdue for an upgrade. The last time it received a major overhaul was nearly 15 years ago — after an appellate court ruled that the state’s Utilities Tax discriminated against interstate and foreign commerce.

Staff Report


Our Town: Facebook Friend or Boss? Bill Would Protect Passwords from Employers

Our Town's Nick Powell spoke to Sen. Krueger about her bill to protect employees' private, personal passwords for online accounts from employers.

Big Brother wants your Facebook password. A spate of complaints regarding companies requiring applicants and employees to divulge login information for social media accounts has forced the hand of state Sen. Liz Krueger, who introduced legislation recently that would ban such practices. Krueger cited the obvious privacy concerns as well as liability issues for employers as the primary catalysts for the bill.