Senate Minority Unveils 'Green Apple Initiative'

The New York State SenateMinority Conference today announced their "Green Apple Initiative" to protect New York's environment. Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith (D-Queens) said the measures are "an important part of our '9 to 5 Agenda' to help families live, grow, work and thrive in the Empire State."


May 17, 2007
May 14, 2007

Choice Advocates Join Senate Minority To Call For Reproductive Rights

SenateMinority joined with pro-choice advocates to call on the Senate Majority to "stand up to the Bush Administration and help us protect women's health and reproductive rights," Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith said today.

The call to action came on the heels of the Supreme Court's April 18 decision upholding the Federal abortion ban, which, for the first time since Roe v. Wade, makes no exception for a woman's health

"The Bush Supreme Court has demonstrated their willingness to impede and threaten women's rights," Smith said.

May 8, 2007

The Senate Minority Tackles Sub-Prime Loan Foreclosure Crisis

More than 20 percent of the sub-prime mortgage loans originated in 2005 will end in foreclosure, jeopardizing the homes of more than 28,000 New York families, according to a report unveiled today by the State Senate Democratic Conference.

Alarmed by the growing number of foreclosures across New York State, and stunned by the accounts of New Yorkers who are on the verge of losing their homes, Senate Democrats announced the Predatory Lending Mitigation Program which will help families that have been victimized by predatory lenders.


May 7, 2007

Senator Malcolm A. Smith Restores State Funding For Queens Hospitals And Nursing Homes

State Senator Malcolm A. Smith today announced that hospitals and nursing homes in the Southeast Queens community will receive an additional $14.2 million in revenue as a result of his opposition to proposed healthcare spending cuts in the 2007-2008 Executive Budget. The Senate Democratic Leader said he fought to restore substantial healthcare funds to keep the focus on patients, where it rightly belongs."The people of Queens need more health care, not less," said Senator Smith.

April 25, 2007

Senate Minority Vows To Continue The Fight To Reform State Government

Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith said Reform Day 2007 "gives us an opportunity to reflect on the success we've had in changing the way business is conducted in the State Capitol."Smith said, "We've done more in the last four months to improve New York's government than had been done in the previous decade.

April 23, 2007

Smith 'Listening Tour' Hits Rockaway Speaks With Residents, Organizations During Two Day Tour

State Senator Malcolm Smith held a two-day listening tour throughout the Rockaways last week in what he termed an attempt to "better assess the needs of this growing community."

During the two days, April 2 and April 5, Smith listened to members of local organizations and community residents as they addressed concerns in their areas. The Wave joined the senator during his afternoon stops on April 5.

April 16, 2007

Democratic Leader Smith Praises Budget

State Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A.

April 1, 2007

Statement From Senator Malcolm A. Smith On The Anniversary Of The March On Selma

Being in Selma to commemorate the historic events of 42 years ago was a highly emotional experience for me. It filled me with a sense of great humility and gratitude for the generation of leaders that came before me, who literally risked life and limb so that future generations would enjoy greater freedom and greater opportunities.President Bill Clinton's offer to travel with him to be part of the March, witness his induction to the Voting Rights Hall of Fame and the 4 hours of conversation was an experience I will never forget.

March 8, 2007

Statement From Senator Malcolm A. Smith On The Worker's Comp Agreement

State Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith said "Reform of the State's Workers' Compensation system has been one of the most contentious issues facing our State Government. The fact that both the Business Council of New York and the AFL-CIO are supportive of the Governor's proposal speaks volumes about the merits of the agreement. Once again message delivered, message received, action taken."

March 7, 2007

The Senate Minority Applaud Bonacic Measure To Equalize Resources Among Legislators

Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith today applauded Senator John Bonacic (R-New Paltz) for introducing a measure requiring that all Legislators receive equal allocations to run their offices and serve their constituents. Smith noted the measure is one long supported by Senate Minority, most recently during the adoption of Senate Rules. "This is a true reform measure," Smith said.

March 6, 2007

The Ethics Reform Bill Passed By The State Senate Today

Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith said the ethics reform bill passed by the State Senate today "contains many of the provisions SenateMinority have been trying for years to enact."Smith noted that the Senate Minority Conference attempted in January to reform the rules of the Senate to make it more accountable and responsive to the people of New York. The proposals were rejected by the Majority.In the three most recent Senate elections, The Senate Minority voiced a strong reform message and emerged victorious in districts that had been represented by the Majortiy.

March 2, 2007

Senator Smith Speaking At NYS Inter-agency Black History Month Celebration

Good Morning! I wanted to let everyone on my team know that I will be speaking today at the New York State Inter-Agency Black History Month Celebration, an event celebrating the story of Africans in the Americas. The program, which begins at noon, will be held in ESP Meeting Room 6.


I hope that many of you will be able to attend and lend your support for Black History Month, an opportunity to reflect on the sacrifices of the past, and in our dreams for the future. I look forward to seeing you later today.

February 23, 2007

Smith Applauds Spitzer For Businesslike Approach In First Budget

The first Executive Budget prepared by Governor Eliot Spitzer "takes a very businesslike approach to solving the severe problems confronting New York State," Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith said today. Smith compared the Governor to a Chief Executive Officer of a $120 billion firm. "In order to turn around a struggling company, you've got to demand proper planning, elimination of waste, increased efficiency and greater accountability.

January 31, 2007

Senate Democratic Leader Applauds Reforms Notes Senate GOP Slow To Embrace Change

Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith today praised the ethics reform agreement reached by Governor Spitzer and legislative leaders.

"The steps we've taken today will help to put New York back on the right track," Smith said. "I am pleased that the Governor was able to use his mandate to bring everyone to the table and put an agreement in place."

Smith noted that SenateMinority have long advocated an agenda of reform, but have been stymied by the Senate's Majority.

January 25, 2007

Senate Minority Targets Tax Relief To Those Who Need It Most Amendments Would First Help Struggling Seniors And Working Families

SenateMinority unveiled two amendments to theMajority property tax rebate plan (S.1-A) scheduled to be debated and voted on today. The amendments would better target tax relief to those who need it most – primarily senior citizens and middle class working families who have been hit hardest by skyrocketing property taxes.

January 22, 2007

Senate Minority Hosts Hearing On Judicial Diversity Forum At St. John's Second In A Series On Issue

The SenateMinority hosted a public hearing at St. John's University Law School today, taking testimony from judicial experts on how to increase diversity in the State's court system and make it more reflective of the people of New York State.

January 18, 2007

The Senate Majority Vote Down Rules Reforms

SenateMajority tonight rejected important reforms that would have made the Senate more open and accountable to the public, more effective in its deliberations and less expensive to the taxpayers of New York.


The SenateMinority Conference had proposed changes to the rules of the Majority-controlled State Senate which have been manipulated over the years to create a cloak of secrecy around the Senate and to centralize power in the hands of the Majority Leader, leaving rank and file members with few, if any, responsibilities.

January 16, 2007

Statement From Senate Democratic Leader Malcolm A. Smith On The Budget Reforms Proposed Today By Governor Spitzer

"The SenateMinorityConference has long advocated budget reform measures that would increase accountability, fairness and transparency in the budget process.

January 16, 2007

The Senate Minority Calls For Reform Of Senate Rules Good Government Groups Offer Support For Senate Minority Proposals

ALBANY—The Senate'sMinority Conference today proposed changes to the Senate rules that would bring greater integrity to the legislative body, making it more accountable, more transparent, and more democratic. Good government groups, including the Brennan Center for Justice, the League of Women Voters, Common Cause, the New York Public Interest Research Group and Citizens' Union circulated a letter to all State Senators, calling on them to support the rules reforms offered by the Senate Minority. TheSenate Minorityproposals would prohibit Senators from accepting gifts and wo

January 16, 2007