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Peace Bridge plaza areas designated as "no idling" zones

The Buffalo and Fort Erie Public Bridge Authority (Peace Bridge Authority) board of directors recently announced their authorization of separate "no idling" zones for the Canada and U.S. secondary Customs plaza areas and adjacent Duty Free parking lots.

September 21, 2012

DEC Commences Peace Bridge Plaza Air Monitoring Effort To Assess Local Air Quality

The New York State Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) commenced air monitoring activity in the vicinity of the Peace Bridge U.S. plaza, DEC Commissioner Joe Martens recently announced.

The monitoring effort will assess local air quality via particulate matter concentrations for a six-month period before and after proposed renovations to the current plaza area. After each study period, DEC will evaluate the collected air quality data and provide a report to the public in both English and Spanish.

September 17, 2012

No to Legislative Pay Raises: Statement from Senator Mark Grisanti

I do not support a pay raise for members of the New York State Senate and Assembly, and I will not vote for any proposal that includes a pay increase.

          Over the last two years, we have made a good deal of progress in righting New York’s fiscal ship.  But much more remains to be done, and this is no time for the Legislature to be feathering its own nest.

           All over New York State, public employees are being asked to forego pay increases.  Every family has had to tighten their belt.  It would set a terrible example for elected officials not to do the same.

August 23, 2012

Assemblyman Gabryszak and Senator Grisanti Create New Safety Requirements For Firefighters- Governor Cuomo Signs Legislation

Assemblyman Dennis Gabryzak (D-Cheektowaga) and Senator Mark Grisanti (R-North Buffalo) today announced that Governor Cuomo has signed into law legislation that would require cities and employers of firefighters to provide emergency escape systems for all firefighters.

August 22, 2012

Grisanti sponsored “Sewage Pollution Right To Know Act” signed by governor law requires prompt information for all sewage spills

Senator Mark Grisanti (R-60) recently announced that Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed the “Sewage Pollution Right To Know Act” which passed the Senate in June.

This bill, which Grisanti introduced, amends the environmental conservation law to establish a procedure for the operator of any sewage treatment plant to notify the public of all raw sewage overflows within 24 hours. The bill spells out all the information that must be reported to the New York State Department of Health and the Department of Environmental Conservation including when, where and how much has been spilled.   The purpose of this legislation is to provide valuable information to the public about spills in a timely manner and in an effective way.

August 13, 2012

Senator Grisanti announces crime fighting grants awarded to Buffalo And Niagara Falls police departments to reduce violent crime and domestic violence

Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) today announced that the state Division of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) has selected the City of Buffalo and the City of Niagara Falls police departments to each receive funding as a part of Operation IMPACT to target violent and gun crime and domestic violence.  Operation IMPACT awarded $13 million to 17 counties with priority given to those jurisdictions with the highest volume of crime.

July 31, 2012

Senator Grisanti, Assemblyman Gabryszak provide remedy for victims subject to false financial statements

Senator Mark Grisanti (R- North Buffalo)  and Assemblyman Dennis Gabryszak (D-Cheektowaga)  today announced that Governor Cuomo has signed into law legislation to protect victims against the filing of a false financial statement.  The new law proposed in both houses by the local legislators will require a court to issue and file a certificate of conviction with the New York Secretary of State in cases where a defendant is convicted of a crime related to the intentional fraudulent filing of a financial statement. 

New York State law says a person is guilty of issuing a false financial statement when they knowingly describe the financial condition or ability to pay of a person in an inaccurate manner on a signed written document.

July 31, 2012

Governor Cuomo signs legislation sponsored by Senator Grisanti to support small businesses

Senator Mark Grisanti (R-60) today announced that Governor Cuomo has signed a package of laws to support the craft beer industry.

July 31, 2012

SKM Group donates $50,000 to help fight cancer

SKM Group, a full-service marketing communications agency, recently announced that it has donated $50,000 to cancer-related causes throughout the country.

The donation was a result of $25,000 the agency raised through various fundraising efforts and community events in 2011-12 and $25,000 SKM committed to match.

“I knew it was a pretty ambitious goal, but I continue to be impressed by the generosity of the community, our partners and our clients,” said Susan K. Meany, President.  “This was no exception. Our team dove into this with such enthusiasm and creativity, and it’s been so rewarding to see all of our hard work come to fruition.”

July 11, 2012

Senator Grisanti to increase state payment for video lottery locations to 2008-2009 levels to aid local governments

Senator Mark Grisanti (R-Buffalo) today announced at a Press Conference a bill in the Senate to return the funding levels for municipalities in which video lottery gaming facilities operate to the levels from the fiscal year 2008-2009. Over the past four budget cycles, the amount of money returned to the local governments that contain video lottery operations was cut by almost 60 percent.  In the seven regions across New York State where there are nine racetrack casinos, the fiscal strain placed on budgets has resulted in cutbacks or tax increases to cover the short fall.

June 29, 2012

Welfare reform bill passes New York State Senate; Senator Grisanti was co-sponsor of legislation

The New York Senate today passed the “Public Assistance Integrity Act” which will protect public assistance for welfare recipients from being used to purchase cigarettes, alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets or for casino gambling. Present law allows cash assistance purchases of these items.  The Bill S.7671 which was sponsored by State Senator Thomas W. Libous, Senate Deputy Majority Leader, and co-sponsored by Senator Grisanti (R-Buffalo) stops individuals receiving welfare from using the EBT card to make ATM withdrawals from certain places including liquor stores, casinos and strip clubs.

June 20, 2012

Grisanti Bill Requires Emergency Escape Systems For Firefighters

Senator Mark Grisanti (R-60) today announced that the Senate has passed his bill S.7677 that requires cities or other employers of firefighters to identify if a firefighter will be exposed to  entrapment’s at higher levels, identify if those firefighters will be exposed to fire and determine the appropriate escape system.  The bill will provide the firefighter community with the latitude to effectively respond to the needs of their locality, to consider appropriate alternatives and to provide communities with the flexibility to outfit their firefighters with the equipment that best suits their unique needs.  Present law has inadvertently prevented the firefighting community from using equipment generally recognized to be acceptable because it was not covered in the most r

June 19, 2012

Grisanti Bill Protects Consumers From Telephone Scammers

Senator Mark Grisanti (R-60) today announced that the Senate has passed his bill S7652 which amends the general business law to require persons or entities operating a telecommunications service system to provide notice when the caller will be charged a fee on their telephone bill.  The purpose of this bill is to prevent unsuspecting victims from dialing information and resources telephone numbers that turn out to be telephone scams that cost money.   Scammers often use an ad with a local number that is transferred to a pay-per-call line

June 19, 2012

New York State Senate passes unit pricing bill to make shopping for value easier for consumers

   The New York State Senate today passed a bill (S.7277A), sponsoredby Senator Mark Grisanti, that would require certain retail chain stores todisclose their unit pricing in an effort to make shopping less confusingfor customers looking for the best values. The changes would only affectstores with more than $2.5 million in annual sales.

June 6, 2012

National Job Fair month to includes event at ECC City Campus in Buffalo

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo recently announced that the state will host eleven job fairs across New York during June as part of National Job Fair month.

The job fairs are a part of the Governor’s NY Works program to put New Yorkers back to work, and the eleven events will bring together more than 375 employers statewide and feature more than 10,000 job openings.

June 5, 2012

Governor Cuomo makes two Grisanti sponsored bills into law

Senator Mark Grisanti (R-60) today announced Governor Andrew Cuomo has made laws of two Grisanti bills.

June 1, 2012
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