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Senator Grisanti-sponsored bill calls for training and certification of animal control officers

Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) today announced that the New York State Senate has voted to pass Bill S.2409D that amends the agriculture and markets law to provide for the training and certification of animal control officers.

The Agriculture Department will create a program to provide training, examination and certification for dog control officers, police officers and peace officers who deal with animal control or animal abuse issues.  This legislation is needed to protect both people and animals from untrained officers.


BUFFALO NEWS: Cuomo set to sign law banning shark fin trade in New York State

Shark fin soup goes back to the Ming Dynasty and is almost as hard to find in
Western New York as a Super Bowl trophy.

But the expensive Asian delicacy is about to go off menus across New York,
making environmentalists happy.

Legislation is now before Gov. Andrew M. Cuomo to ban the sale, trade and
distribution of shark fins. Cuomo is expected to sign the bill as early as
today, according to advocates and lawmakers, who passed the measure with all but
one vote in the Senate and Assembly this spring.


Grisanti-Sponsored Legislation That Prohibits The Sale, Possession And Distribution Of Shark Fins Signed Into Law

Buffalo legislator led push to make it illegal to
possess, sell or distribute shark fins in New


Senator Grisanti Named To “Circle Of Friends” For Third Straight Year By New York Farm Bureau

The New York Farm Bureau announced today that Senator Grisanti (R,I) was named to the “Circle of Friends” for the third straight year by the New York Farm Bureau.