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Newest state senator fields questions, outlines Albany plans during Listening Tour

Friday, February 18, 2011

Niagara Falls residents spoke out on a host of issues — from taxes and education to budget cuts and Medicaid — and state Sen. Mark Grisanti was listening.

It was the third stop of the newly elected senator’s Listening Tour. He met with constituents across Niagara and Erie counties to hear what they’d like to see done in their communities.

Grisanti, who met with around 50 residents on Thursday at the American Legion Post No. 1142 on Buffalo Avenue, said he was hoping to discuss their concerns, issues and do his best to address or advocate for them in Albany.


Senator Grisanti Meets with The Future Leaders of Western New York

Senator Grisanti met with roughly 40 people from "Leadership Buffalo"in his Buffalo District office and spoke with them about what his plans are for the 60th District, reducing the budget and education.

"Three years ago I would have never thought that I would be a State Senator, but here I am today proudly serving the people of Western New York, you can do anything that you want to do", Sen. Grisanti explained to the group. "Always follow your dreams and don't give up," continued  Sen. Grisanti.


Sen. Grisanti Meets with Small Business owners in North Buffalo

Today, Senator Grisanti met with small business owners from Buffalo to discuss issues that impact day-day operations of  their businesses.

"Some of the major concerns that I am hearing is the increase in government regulation, which needs to be stopped so these small businesses can operate efficiently and put more back in their pockets and into the community, not back in Government,” said Sen. Grisanti.


Senator Grisanti Strongly Opposed to Bicycle License Legislation

Chairman of State Senate’s Environmental Conservation Committee calls proposal ‘outrageous’

New York State Senator Mark Grisanti (60th District) issued a statement today strongly opposing proposed legislation that would require every bicycle in New York State to have a license plate.


Statement on Lady Gaga Remarks

“Lady Gaga is a terrific world renowned performer, entitled to her opinion. That is why our country is so great because you have the opportunity to have your voice be heard, and reach out to your local representatives. But Senator Grisanti has already reached out to Outspoken Equality, and is meeting with them next week.


Additionally, I have personally met with the Outspoken for Equality in Albany, and we had a very informative and constructive conversation. We look forward to learning more about their issues and concerns with regards to Same-Sex Marriage.”



Statement Regarding Recent Lady Gaga Emails

"We have received approximately 600 emails, which represent positions on both sides of the issue. We intend to respond to each and every email that we have received on this matter as we do with every piece of correspondence that comes into our office."

- Doug Curella, Chief of Staff and Spokesman For Senator Mark Grisanti


"The Buffalo News" State Senate working to help Western New York

During the election last fall, Western New York was a battleground for control of the State Senate. By returning control of the Senate to the Republicans, the voters sent a clear message that they were tired of the region being ignored by Albany and sick of the inaction on the issues that truly matter—jobs, taxes and spending.

In less than three months, we have already begun to address those issues, with the leadership of the senators that represent Western New York.


Gov. Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Skelos and Assembly Speaker Silver Reach Agreement on 2011-12 New York State Budget

Historic Budget Provides Transformational Plan for State

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo, Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos and Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver today announced an agreement on a 2011-2012 budget that eliminates a $10 billion deficit. The agreement includes historic reforms that redesign state government, create efficiencies through consolidation, cap spending increases for education and Medicaid, and transform the future budgeting process.