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Senate Passes Anti-Crime Bills

The New York State Senate recently passed a package of bills that would strengthen laws and toughen criminal penalties for certain sex offenses related to rape and  child pornography.

In addition, bills were passed to expand information on criminal background checks for individuals applying for employment in law enforcement and increasing penalties for the crime of criminally negligent homicide.

Legislation sponsored by Senate Majority Leader Dean Skelos would require consecutive prison sentences for each separate act of rape when an individual is convicted of multiple counts.


YNN NEWS: Moving Laura Cummings' Law forward

State legislators from Western New York are pushing for legislation to help prevent a local tragedy from happening again. Laura Cummings' Law was created in honor of the developmentally disabled young woman from North Collins who was killed after years of mistreatment. YNN's Kaitlyn Lionti tells us more about the legislation and why legislators are calling on their colleagues to help it move forward.

"The fact that Laura Cummings suffered abuse at the hands of her own family and ultimately was killed at the hands of her own family is unconscionable. The fact that it was preventable is even more so," said State Senator Tim Kennedy (D).


WNED 970-AM: Legislators Push Criminal Provision of Laura Cummings Law

A bi-partisan group from Western New York's state legislature delegation is urging their colleagues to pass the final provision of a bill designed to protect the developmentally disabled. Governor Andrew Cuomo has signed provisions of "Laura Cummings Law" into effect that allow agencies to share information about prior abuse reports and to get a court order to access a home. However, State Senator George Maziarz says the law still lacks criminal sanctions. Maziarz says the Assembly is holding up the final provision of the bill. "What we're saying is, if you deny access to the authorities of an individual that is developmentally disabled, that is being abused, you're going to pay a criminal penalty.


New York State Senate Passes Grisanti’s Bill Criminalizing Concealment Of Human Corpse

Senator Mark Grisanti (R-60) today announced that the New York State Senate has voted to pass the Bill S.6489 which makes it a crime to conceal a death by knowingly moving or otherwise hiding a human corpse so that discovery of the death will be hindered.

The bill known as “Amanda Lynn’s law” would make the commission of this crime a D Felony up from a misdemeanor for the improper disposal of a dead body.


WKBW-TV: Amanda Lynn’s Law passed by the New York State Senate

Amanda Lynn’s Law is clearing another political hurdle in Albany, where the senate has passed the legislation making it a felony to tamper with… or dispose of… human remains. On January 9, 2009, Amanda Wienckowski’s nude body was found in a garbage tote along side of a church on Spring Street in Buffalo. She had been missing for weeks. Wienckowski’s family is pushing for a new law and with the help of State Senator Mark Grisanti…the law has now passed the New York State Senate. “We know that poor Amamda did not find herself in that dumpster by herself. Somebody put her there. When somebody does that…somebody needs to be held accountable. They are tampering with evidence. They are tampering with the potential of a crime scene,” Senator Grisanti said.


BUFFALO NEWS: Albany Needs To Pass Key Crime Legislation To Protect Children and Drivers

By New York State Senator Mark Grisanti

Now that the election is over, we need Albany to get back to work on some important legislation that will make it safer for children and drivers alike. At least nine key pieces of crime legislation that passed the Senate were killed last session by the Democratic Majority in the Assembly.  In the new legislative session that begins in January, all of these key pieces of crime legislation need to be reintroduced and passed in both Houses.  We need to analyze the core merits of the bills and not make decisions solely on political expediency.


Senator Grisanti Urging Fellow Legislators To Pass ‘Protect Our Children Act’

Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) today urged his colleagues in the New York State Senate and New York State Assembly to pass the “protect our children act” which would protect children from cruel and repeated maltreatment.  The bill, which is sponsored by Senator Grisanti, passed the Senate last year but did not pass the Assembly.


'Protect Our Children Act' Passes The New York State Senate For Second Straight Year

Senator Grisanti sponsors bill that protects children during "National Child Abuse Prevention Month"    (Buffalo, New York) Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) is proud to announce the passage of the "protect our children act," which helps to protect children from cruel and repeated maltreatment. It is now time for the Assembly to act.    The bill, which was sponsored by Senator Grisanti, originally passed the Senate last year but did not pass the Assembly in 2012.   "This legislation will help to protect our children from anyone who is put in a position of trust to care for them and instead commits the ultimate violation and in some way abuses them," said Sen. Grisanti.


Senator Grisanti Continues Push For Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws With Bill To Crack Down On Puppy Mills

Measure is a priority in Buffalo senator's sweeping bill package to protect animals as a part of the ASPCA's "Prevention of Cruelty to Animals Month" in April. (BUFFALO, NEW YORK) Senator Mark Grisanti (R,I-60) today renewed his call for New York State to finally get tough on puppy mills with his sponsorship of bill S.3753, which would allow forward-thinking local governments to regulate commercial pet breeders and pet stores. The legislation addresses the ineffectiveness of New York's "Pet Dealer" law, the proliferation of unregulated dog breeders in the state and the pet industry's complicit support of inherently cruel, out-of-state puppy mills.