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Amanda Lynn's Law Passed By New York State Senate

New York State Senator Mark Grisanti (R,I,-60) today announced that the New York State Senate has voted to pass Bill S.1590, which makes it a crime to conceal a death by knowingly moving or otherwise hiding a human corpse so that discovery of the death will be hindered.

The bill is sponsored by Senator Grisanti and Amanda Lynn's Law has passed the Senate the past two years.  It will now be sent to the Assembly.  


BUFFALO NEWS: Law would make improper disposal of body a felony

A bill now before the State Legislature would remedy a disturbing legal shortcoming by making it a felony to improperly dispose of human remains.

The need for the legislation came to light after the death of Amanda Lynn Wienckowski. The 20-year-old Kenmore native’s body was found frozen inside a trash receptacle on the morning of Jan. 9, 2009, outside a church at Spring and Clinton streets in Buffalo. That’s how we learned that the disposal of a body without a burial or removal permit elicited not much more than a slap on the wrist. If that.


Senator Mark Grisanti Sponsoring “Phoenix’s Law" in State Senate

Third legislative priority as part of ‘Four-Legged Legislative Priorities’ during Prevention of Animal Cruelty Month


Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) today announced he will continue his efforts to increase certain penalties for aggravated cruelty to animals and is urging his colleagues in the New York State Legislature to pass legislation that has been deemed “Phoenix’s Law.”


Senator Grisanti Calling on Other State Legislators to Pass Pet Abuse Registry Legislation

Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) today urged his colleagues in both the Senate and Assembly to act on legislation he introduced last year that would create a state registry of all criminals convicted of abusing animals in an effort to prevent them from gaining access to another innocent victim.

Grisanti's bill S. 1594 calls for the creation of an easily accessible statewide database listing anyone who has ever been found guilty of abusing an animal by prohibiting animal abusers from possessing, adopting, owning, purchasing or exercising any type of control over an animal as long as they are required to register.


Senator Grisanti to Receive Humane Leadership From ASPCA at May 6th "Voices For Animals Day" in Albany

Senator Mark Grisanti (R,I-Buffalo) today announced he has been selected by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) to receive the organization's coveted Humane Leadership Award at its annual "Voices for Animals Day" on Monday, May 6th in The Well of Albany's Legislative Office Building.    
"I am honored to receive this award from the ASPCA, and would like to take this opportunity to thank them for all of the programs and services they provide in communities across New York," Grisanti said.  "As a loving owner of two dogs, I strongly feel we must protect our four-legged friends from abuse and harm however possible."


Grisanti Bill Increases Criminal Penalties for Animal Cruelty During Commission of a Felony

Senator Mark Grisanti ( R,I-60) has introduced a bill that would increase criminal penalties to those who abuse or kill animals during the commission of a felony.

Just recently, according to The Buffalo News an “incident occurred sometime between 6 p.m. Monday and 3:15 a.m. Tuesday, when the resident returned home to find that the front door of his Woodlawn Avenue home had been kicked in. The resident also found his dog stabbed, and Northeast District police said the dog died of its injuries.”
Read the story by clicking this link:


Senator Grisanti Co-Sponsors "Jackie's Law"

" I am proud to be a co- sponsor of "Jackie's Law" in the New York State Senate. Now, with bi-partisan support this piece of legislation has a realty of passing the New York State Senate. Installing a GPS device is a form of stalking that must be stopped.  With the introduction of new technology, our laws must be changed to keep up with criminals in order  to protect victims of domestic violence and other related crimes."

- Senator Mark Grisanti ( R,I-60)

The proposed legislation will update the State's penal code under "Unlawful Surveillance in the Second Degree" to include GPS tracking devices.


Senate To Act On Public Assistance Integrity Act

The New York State Senate will act today on the "Public Assistance Integrity Act," sponsored by Senator Tom Libous (R-C-I, Binghamton) and Co-sponsored by Senator Mark Grisanti (R,I, Buffalo)  that would help cut down on the flagrant abuse of EBT (Electronic Benefit Transfer) cards by prohibiting welfare recipients from using cash assistance to purchase tobacco, alcoholic beverages, lottery tickets or to gamble. "The Senate again made the right choice in protecting your tax dollars by passing a measure that would stop the abuse in the welfare program. Using your tax dollars to support a transaction at a liquor store, casino or strip club is not only inappropriate but it goes against the intent of the welfare program," said Senator Mark Grisanti.


Senator Grisanti Continues Push for Stronger Animal Cruelty Laws by Urging Governor to Sign Bill That Cracks Down on Puppy Mills

Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I - Buffalo) today (July 16, 2013) renewed his call for a crack down on puppy mills by urging Governor Cuomo to sign into law Bill S.3753, which would allow forward-thinking local governments to regulate commercial pet breeders and pet stores. The legislation addresses the ineffectiveness of New York's "Pet Dealer" law, the proliferation of unregulated dog breeders in the state and the pet industry's complicit support of inherently cruel, out-of-state puppy mills.


Senator Grisanti To Co-Sponsor "Knockout Game" Legislation

New York State Senator Mark J. Grisanti (R, I-60) today announced he will be co-sponsoring legislation in the New York State Senate that would be the first in the nation to protect innocent bystanders from being sucker-punched and assaulted by gangs, who in many cases are juveniles.

The proposed bill, known as the “Knockout Game Deterrent Act,” would ensure that those convicted would receive up to 25 years in prison, regardless of their age, for sucker-punching and assaulting innocent bystanders.