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Statement on Niagara County Legislator Renae Kimble Not Seeking Re-Election

New York State Senator Mark Grisanti (60th District) issued a statement today  in response to today’s announcement by Niagara County Legislator Renae Kimble, D-2nd Legislative District, that she would not seek re-election and retire at the end of her current term:

“I wish Renae the very best in her future endeavors. She is a well-respected leader in Niagara Falls who has always put the best interest of her community first.  I hope that the Niagara County Redistricting Commission will protect representation for the African-American community in Niagara Falls, as the commission outlines the new legislative districts in Niagara County. “

-Senator Mark J. Grisanti


Senate Passes Independent Redistricting Commission: Grisanti votes "yes"

Measure Would Reform Process To Draw District Lines In A Fair, Non-partisan Manner

The New York State Senate today passed a constitutional amendment, sponsored by Senator John Bonacic (R-C-I, Mount Hope), that would significantly reform the process by which new legislative and congressional district lines are determined.  The amendment would create an independent, non-partisan apportionment commission, as called for in the NY Uprising pledge.


THE BUFFALO NEWS: Grisanti Makes A Splash

What a difference an election makes.

A year ago, New York’s 60th State Senate District was occupied — barely — by Democrat Antoine Thompson, who thought his position entitled him to milk the public for all it was worth: swelling his office’s patronage staff; sending more than 1 million pieces of self-promotional bulk mail at a taxpayer cost of more than $400,000; voting one way but claiming to have voted the other; taking $8,600 in donations in the AEG casino bidding scandal. And more.

Things change. Today, that seat is held by Republican Mark Grisanti, who, with the help of Senate leadership, just ended his first six months in office with a whirlwind of notable accomplishments. The difference could hardly be more stark. Consider:


BUFFALO NEWS: It’s important to move School Board elections

In 2010, only 6,256 people voted in the Buffalo School Board elections held in May. A News editorial recently endorsed changing this election from May to the November general election, which is something that I proposed in two consecutive legislative sessions. This change would increase voter turnout and save taxpayers money.

The School Board helps determine the overall quality of education by both setting the standards for teaching and creating the budgets that govern the teacher-student ratio. Perhaps of most importance, it appointed the new superintendent who will run the 30,000-student district. Buffalo needs to improve its educational system to compete in the state and the nation for good jobs and a sound, growing economy.


Grisanti Bill Moving School Board Elections to November Passes Senate

Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) today announced that the Senate has passed bill S.868, which calls for moving the election of members of the City of Buffalo School Board from May to November, a measure that he says will improve voter turnout and save taxpayers money.

The bill marks the third time that it has passed the Senate.

Grisanti estimates that his bill would save taxpayers over $100,000 due to elections being condensed to one day in November.  The legislation also calls for extending the terms of current members of the Buffalo School Board to the last day of December rather than June, allowing for future terms of office to run from January through December.