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Seventh Annual Buffalo Enviro-Fair

Join Senator Mark Grisanti at the 7th Annual Buffalo Enviro-Fair on Friday, April 26, from 11am to 2pm in Niagara Square in the City of Buffalo.

Find out ways to reduce, reuse, and recycle, interact with green organizations, receive a FREE seedling, and help us even plant a tree!

The event will be held rain or shine. For more information, visit


Niagara Square
Niagara Street/Court Street intersection
Buffalo, NY 14202
United States
42° 53' 10.3056" N, 78° 52' 39.0576" W

Your Voice With Senator Mark Grisanti

Senator Grisanti talks about Multiple Sclerosis, Mental Health for Veterans, Jobs, and MMA Legislation:

Senator Grisanti Calls For Meeting with DEC Chairman Joe Martens Regarding The Buffalo News Story "Toxic Legacy's Time Bomb"

Senator Grisanti (R,I-60) Chairman of the Senate Environmental Conservation Committee placed a personal phone call to DEC Commissioner Joe Martens today to request a meeting over the story "Toxic Legacy's Time Bomb" featured in today's The Buffalo News. "As Chairman of the Environmental Conservation Committee, I found this story alarming, this needs immediate attention. I have a placed a phone call to Commissioner Martens to meet with him this week while I am in Albany to discuss the findings of these reports. I will continue to keep the public informed, the public health of our community is paramount," said Senator Mark Grisanti, Chairman of the Environmental Conservation Committee.


Celebrate Earth Day and Arbor Day - Plant A Tree!

Superstorm Sandy ravaged trees and greenery around various homes and neighborhoods in New York State, and we’re just beginning to see the long term damage some trees and shrubs suffered.

Thousands upon thousands of trees were lost, but we now have a chance to restore what was lost. Trees and shrubs help reduce storm water runoff, prevent soil erosion, provide habitat and shade, beautify the landscape and protect our shorelines.

This year, April 22 is Earth Day and April 26 is Arbor Day -- the perfect time to plant a tree to replace one that was lost. 


Senator Grisanti’s Bill to Increase Number of Green Homes Built in New York State Passes Senate

Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I-60) announced passage of Senate bill S. 1710 which would provide green development home tax exemptions. Grisanti’s bill would allow a tax exemption of 35 percent for real property for a period of no longer than 20 years if authorized by the local municipality.

According to Senator Grisanti, the legislation will help to incentivize builders to invest in green homes, which are typically more expensive to build.


Grisanti and Ryan Announce Legislation to Reform the Niagara River Greenway

New York State Senator Mark Grisanti (R, I - Buffalo) and New York State Assemblyman Sean Ryan (D, WF - Buffalo) announced today legislation to reform the Niagara River Greenway.  Created by state law in 2004, the Niagara River Greenway Plan was designed to improve the waterfront along the Niagara River, in 13 municipalities, by "creating a linear system of parks, and conservation areas, linked by multi-use trails". A recently released report by the Partnership for the Public Good (PPG) has found that the Greenway Standing Committees, which determine funding for Greenway projects, have spent nearly $50 million since 2004.