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Senator Dilan Praises ExxonMobil Settlement to Continue Cleanup of Newtown Creek

Oil giant to dedicate $19.5 million—of $25 million settlement for penalties, costs and restoration of local environment—to Greenpoint environmental fund

November 17, 2010

Senator Martin Malavé Dilan Applauds Newtown Creek’s Designation as a Superfund Site

The near 150-year toxic scourge that has claimed Newtown Creek—the bordering waterway between Brooklyn and Queens—ends with today’s announcement by the Environmental Protection Agency that designates the canal as a Superfund site.The new designation follows the outcome of a series of EPA tests and samples taken over a three-month period in 2009. That report confirmed the presence of  toxic chemicals, heavy metals and petroleum products in more than 1 million cubic yards of sediment.

September 28, 2010

Reform means more than Koch's pledge

Former New York City Mayor Ed Koch  has undertaken a worthy effort to reform state government, but his approach is fundamentally flawed. In fighting for independent redistricting, responsible budget and ethics reforms, Koch is propping up those who have stood in the way of serious reform for decades, while forcing those with actual reform records to defend themselves against those who have done little more than sign a piece of paper.Talking about an issue is nice, but for the voters of this state, action speaks louder than signing an ex-politician's pledge.

August 17, 2010

Senator Dilan-Sponsored Measure “Elle’s Law” Signed Into Law

Increases Penalties on Reckless Drivers Who Injure PedestriansLegislation closing a long-time legal gap that allowed for reckless drivers who injure pedestrians to escape prosecution was signed into law last week.Elle’s Law, sponsored by Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn), Chair of Senate Transportation Committee, amends New York State’s Vehicle and Traffic Law to enact tougher penalties on motorists who blatantly disregard the vehicle and traffic code’s “rules of the road,”  and injure pedestrians as a result of dangerous and unlawful driving.

August 17, 2010

Senator Dilan Helps to Secure Funding For New York’s Roads and Bridges, Student MetroCards

Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) and Senate colleagues last night passed a budget agreement that funds a 2-year New York State Department of Transportation Capital Plan as well as provides more than $25 million to fund reduced-fare MetroCards for New York City students.

June 22, 2010

Senator Dilan-Sponsored Elle's Law Passes Senate

Measure Increases Penalties on Reckless Drivers Who Injure Pedestrians

“Elle’s Law” Responds to 3-year-old pedestrian struck, injured at Manhattan intersection

Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) recently passed Elle’s Law, an amendment to New York State’s Vehicle and Traffic Law that enacts tougher penalties on motorists who seriously injure pedestrians as a result of dangerous and unlawful driving.

June 16, 2010

Legislation Sponsored by Senator Dilan to Protect Loft Tenants Permanently, Passes Senate

Legislation sponsored by Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) passed in the Senate extending basic protections to those calling commercial loft space home.

June 9, 2010

Senator Dilan Proposes Practical and Realistic Framework for Reforming New York’s Redistricting Process

Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) has introduced key legislation to make New York’s redistricting process more open, accountable and free of partisan politics.Senate bills 7881 and 7882 each bolster public participation in the decennial redistricting process through bi-partisan appointed advisory commissions. Each bill requires a commission to develop the Senate, Assembly and Congressional Districts of New York, and submit them to the legislature for approval.    

May 26, 2010

Senator Dilan Urges Commuters to Cycle to Work During Annual Bike to Work Week

National Bike to Work Week kicked off Monday in New York, and Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) is encouraging commuters across the state to ride their bicycles to work Friday, May 21.

May 19, 2010

State-Funded Construction Projects Getting Back on Track

Today, the State Senate passed a measure sponsored by Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) that will assist New York construction crews in getting back to work on the state’s roads and bridges by authorizing the continued payment of all capital construction contracts.

May 5, 2010

Legislation Sponsored by Senator Dilan Aims to Get State-Funded Capital Projects and Jobs Back on Track

A measure to assure that New York’s contractual obligations to the thousands of construction crews toiling on road and bridge sites statewide are met, has been proposed by Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn).

S.7686 authorizes the continued payment of capital construction contracts. Under this legislation all capital contracts will be binding liabilities, and will be required to be honored.

May 4, 2010

Senator Dilan Reminds Motorists to Take Safety Precautions in Work Zones During Awareness Week

Senator Martin Malavé Dilan (D-Brooklyn) is reminding all motorists to help keep themselves and others safe in work zones during Work Zone Awareness Week, which will be observed nationwide until Friday, April 23.

April 21, 2010

Senator Dilan Calls on Brooklyn Residents to Return Census Questionnaires by this Friday

To date, Brooklyn return rates among worst in New York State

Senator Martin Malavé Dilan is urging Brooklyn residents to return their 2010 Census questionnaires by this Friday.

April 16 marks the last day to return the Census questionnaires before trained census workers begin making their way door to door in communities with poor returns to gather responses in person.

April 14, 2010

Statement from Senator Martin Malavé Dilan

Re: Funding New York’s Road and Bridge Work“There is no reason, cause or justification for withholding funding to the hundreds of road crews and contractors hard at work around the state maintaining our transportation infrastructure. To continue shortchanging New York’s roads and bridges is a path that will lead to disaster.

April 8, 2010

National Distracted Driving Awareness Month

Yesterday the U.S. House of Representatives resolution (H.Res. 1186) designating April as National Distracted Driving Awareness Month, passed 410 to 2.The resolution, sponsored by Colorado Rep. Betsy Markey, encourages Americans to consider the lives of others on the road and put an end to distracted driving.

March 24, 2010

Bushwick Houses Among NYC Housing Projects to Receive Federal Funding Under Passage of Senate Bill

The New York State Senate recently passed legislation that will allow for New York City Housing Authority owned developments, such as Bushwick Houses, to fall under federal oversight and qualify for much-needed funding.

For more than a decade,  21 NYCHA developments have received no funding from the City and State of New York. Pending additional budget cuts in the proposed 2010–11 state budget, NYCHA stood to face an unprecedented $88 million operational budget shortfall.

February 25, 2010

New Jobs New York

We will be working in conjunction with local community organizations, non-profits and religious institutions to keep you posted on new jobs, application assistance and job training seminars in your neighborhood.

Employers, we appreciate your experience and input as we work to develop policy objectives that will create jobs quickly, bolster job growth, and ensure long-term economic development.

February 24, 2010

2010 Census: You Can Count On It

For nine years, North Brooklyn residents have counted on State Senator Martin Dilan (D-Williamsburg) to deliver services for his more

January 4, 2010

Statement from Senator Martin Malavé Dilan, Re: MTA Financial Plan

“Keeping services in tact must remain a priority for the MTA during this process. While I am fully aware of the financial strain the State, City and authority faces, the MTA must weigh every option to maintain services, especially services as vital as the reduced fare for school children program.” 

December 16, 2009