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Election Law Bills Sponsored by Senator Dilan Signed into Law by Governor Paterson

Two Bills Codify Existing Case Law


Article III of the New York State Constitution

ARTICLE IIILegislature[Legislative power]Section 1. The legislative power of this state shall be vested in the senate and assembly.[Number and terms of senators and assemblymen]§2. The senate shall consist of fifty members,* except as hereinafter provided. The senators elected in the year one thousand eight hundred and ninety-five shall hold their offices for three years, and their successors shall be chosen for two years. The assembly shall consist of one hundred and fifty members. The assembly members elected in the year one thousand nine hundred and thirty-eight, and their successors, shall be chosen for two years. (Amended by vote


Report on Redistricting from the NYC Bar

Report on Redistricting from the NYC Bar.

A Proposed New York State Constitutional Amendment toEmancipate Redistricting from Partisan Gerrymanders:Partisanship Channeled for Fair Line‐Drawing


Senator Dilan Speaks Redistricting on the Capitol Pressroom, December 16, 2010

Senator Martin Dilan is a Brooklyn Democrat & co-chairman of the Legislative Advisory Task Force on Demographic Research & Reapportionment (studio). In other words, until the end of the month, he has some sway over how the legislature determines redistricting.


Official Transcripts of the Public Meeting on Redistricting.

Attached are the official transcripts to both the December 14 (New York City) and December 16 (Albany), 2010  Public Meetings on redistricting.


New York State Demographic Trends Report, 2000-2009 | GIS Maps and Data Tables

Attached are reports on demographic trends across New York, including data on Congressional districts, State Senate districts, county population changes as well as prisoner populations from 2000-2009.


2011 Redistricting Frequently Asked Questions

Some common questions about the Redistricting process?

1. What role do U.S. Census figures play in redistricting?

2. What is redistricting?

3. What is reapportionment?

4. What requirements must the legislature follow?

5. What is the Legislative Task Force on Demographic Research and reapportionment (LATFOR)?

6. How the bill becomes law.

7. What about an independent redistricting commission?

8. When will it take effect?

9. Why should I care?

10. How can I get involved?

11. How can I get redistricting data?


1. What role do U.S. Census figures play in redistricting?


Albany | December 16, 2010

Full transcript of the December 16, 2010 Albany hearing.