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Senator Nozzolio Announces Adoption of Legislation to Prevent Welfare Abuse

Continuing his strong commitment to the people in his Senate District, State Senator Mike Nozzolio announced today that legislation he co-sponsored and fought for, has been adopted in the New York State Senate. Senate bill S.966 prohibits the purchase of alcoholic beverages, tobacco products or lottery tickets with public assistance benefits. Senator Nozzolio fought for over 2 years for the passage of this important legislation.

February 5, 2014

Senator Mike Nozzolio confers with Dean Kathryn Boor

New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio recently conferred at the State Capitol with Kathryn Boor, Dean of the Cornell College of Agriculture and Life Sciences. Dean Boor updated Senator Nozzolio on the world class research taking place at the New York State Agricultural Experiment Station in Geneva. The research and innovation pioneered at the Experiment Station is playing an integral role in supporting job growth and economic revitalization in our area.

January 31, 2014

Senator Nozzolio Announces Autism Roundtable

New York State Senator Michael Nozzolio will join with representatives from Happiness House, autism professionals and local service providers to host a roundtable discussion on Saturday, January 25th in Canandaigua for families with a childdiagnosed with autism.

January 23, 2014

Senator Nozzolio Announces Autism Roundtable-Happiness House and local service providers to participate

New York State Senator Michael Nozzolio will join with representatives from Happiness House, autism professiona

January 17, 2014


Continuing his strong commitment to our veterans, New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio announced today that he is sponsoring “Jobs for Heroes” (S2803).  This important legislation is designed to support existing businesses as well as create new business and job opportunities for military service-disabled veterans.

January 14, 2014

Senator Mike Nozzolio Announces Record Holiday Drive for the Troops

Continuing his unwavering commitment to the brave men and women serving our Nation, New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio today joined with Assemblyman Brian Kolb, Assemblyman Gary Finch, Assemblyman Bob Oaks, Assemblyman Phil Palmesano and Webster Town Supervisor Ron Nesbitt to announce that nearly one hundred individual care packages have been sent to local soldiers serving overseas.  Over 50 families volunteered to support the project and donated nearly one hundred packages as part of the annual “Holiday Drive for the Troops."

December 27, 2013

Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery Ceremony This Weekend

The Sampson Veterans Memorial Cemetery will be holding its annual “Wreaths Across America” service on Saturday, December 14th. Following the ceremony, Se

December 12, 2013


This is the last week to donate personal items to our brave men and women serving overseas as part of my annual Holiday Drive for the Troops.

December 12, 2013

Senator Nozzolio Announces Effort to Honor Local Troops

In an effort to honor the brave men and women of our armed forces who are currently serving

December 11, 2013

Senator Nozzolio Announces Launch of I LOVE NY Webstore

New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio today announced the launch of the new I LOVE NY webstore.  This new online store will give New Yorkers and tourists 24/7 online and mobile access to purchase I LOVE NY merchandise.  The site features a number of unique designs that reflect the different regions of our State, including the Finger Lakes.  This important effort will help promote our region and encourage the co

December 10, 2013

Remembering Pearl Harbor

Today, on the seventy-second anniversary of the attack on Pearl Harbor, weremember and honor the thousands of Americans who lost their lives or were

December 7, 2013

Thanksgiving Essays and Contributions

THANK YOU for all of the wonderful contributions to the 2013 Thanksgiving Day Creative Celebration. We received outstanding poems, essays, and artwork that exemplify the creativity of New York State’s young people.

The submissions received are remarkable in what they represent – showing gratitude and respect for family, friends, our troops fighting overseas, and many other important subjects and activities. I am humbled and honored to see such inspiring contributions in response to what is a deceptively difficult question: “What are you thankful for?”

December 6, 2013

Senator Nozzolio Calls on the New York City Council to Stop Polystyrene Ban

A proposed ban on polystyrene foam food service containers would have a devastating impact on businesses in the Finger Lakes region, including Pactiv, which employs over 800 workers at their Canandaigua facility. The ban is supported by New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg and Councilman Lewis Fidler. The New York City Council Committee on Sanitation and Solid Waste Management recently held a hearing regarding banning polystyrene food service containers.

December 6, 2013

Senator Nozzolio and Assemblyman Oaks Announce Assistance for Electromark Employees

In response to a direct request to Commissioner Peter Rivera, New York State Senator Mike Nozzolio and Assemblyman Bob Oaks were advised that the New York State Department of Labor would begin immediate steps to mobilize a Rapid Response Team to provide unemployment assistance, job training and new job opportunities to employees who will be displaced as a result of Electromark’s decision to close their Wolcott facility.

December 5, 2013

Senator Mike Nozzolio's Hometown Heroes

In an effort to honor the brave men and women of our armed forces who are currently serving at home and abroad, I will be hosting a “Hometown Hero” page on by website and Facebook page.   If you have a friend or loved one who is currently serving our country, please consider sharing a photo of them, as well as their hometown and where they are serving. As part of my “Hometown Heros” page, I will post photographs of different servicemen and women from across my Senate District to remind us of the many soldiers who are currently serving their country with honor, dignity and sacrifice.  Please remember to have the permission of the person whose photograph you are submitting.

December 3, 2013

Giving Thanks For Our Veterans

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, it is important that we thank and honor our veterans for the countless sacrifices they have made to protect the freedoms we enjoy as Americans.

Just as our veterans recognized their duty to honor and serve our country, we too must recognize our duty as Americans to honor the profound sacrifices they made and continue to make so that we can live our lives in freedom.

November 27, 2013