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Gianaris, Simotas, Elected Leaders Rally for Noise Relief at PS 85Q

Senator Michael Gianaris, Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, Councilman Peter Vallone and Councilman-elect Costa Constantinides joined community leaders, parents, teachers and students from PS 85Q at a rally to demand the MTA and DOE address noise problems created by passing trains.


Crowded Woodside Middle School to Get 600-Seat Addition

In celebrating an expansion at IS 125 in Woodside, Senator Gianaris said, “I am glad that after years of bringing attention to the overcrowding at IS 125 the School Construction Authority listened to our community and funded a much needed expansion. However, my joy pales in comparison to that of the students who will no longer have to go to class in run-down trailers. As our neighborhood continues to grow, fighting overcrowding and ensuring every child has access to a quality education is of paramount importance. This expansion marks a giant step in the right direction, and I will continue working with Principal Mittler, parents, students, and teachers here to make sure this project is completed as soon as possible.”


Local leaders urge city to change plans to move Woodside students to Astoria

Senator Gianaris stood with parents, students and his fellow elected officials to urge the DOE not to change a plan that would negatively affect the PS 11 community.

“The planned expansion for PS 11 is a giant step in the fight against school overcrowding, but the DOE seems intent on making the worst out of a great situation by ignoring the concerns of students and parents,” said Senator Gianaris. “All of us here today are ready to work together to find a solution without making parents’ lives harder, but the DOE does not seem interested in listening.”

Read more about the situation at PS 11 in the New York Daily News


Gianaris Celebrates Long Island City HS Victory

State Senator Michael Gianaris, a proud graduate of Long Island City H.S. (LICHS), joined students, teachers and parents in celebrating the reversal of a Department of Education (DOE) colocation plan that would have negatively affected his alma mater. The plan would have co-located a new Career and Technical Education (CTE) school within LICHS, adding to the problem of classroom overcrowding and sapping resources from current students. This plan followed successive attempts by the DOE to close down the school altogether, plans against which Gianaris also fought tirelessly.


New Bill Aims To Reduce Train Noise Near City Schools

Senator Gianaris joined Congressman Joe Crowley, Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, parents and students at PS 85 to continue to fight for peaceful classrooms free from noise caused by passing trains. Check out this CBS News report for more details. 


Senator Gianaris Joins PS/IS 78 Students for Class Elections in Long Island City

Senator Michael Gianaris joined PS/IS 78 students at their new state-of-the-art school building in Long Island City for the school’s annual class council elections. Senator Gianaris, who has attended PS/IS 78’s school elections for three years running, spoke to a packed auditorium of students about the value of democratic participation, and answered dozens of questions about what he does to improve the lives of western Queens residents.


Gianaris, Simotas, Constantinides Send Letter in Support of Most Precious Blood School

- Ask Diocese to Reconsider Shutting Down School -

(Astoria, NY) Following the Diocese of Brooklyn’s announcement that the Most Precious Blood School in Astoria would close at the end of the 2014-2015 school year, Senator Michael Gianaris, Assemblymember Aravella Simotas, and Council Member Costa Constantinides wrote a letter to the Diocese to express concern over the immediacy of the impending closure and request that the Diocese explore any and all options to keep the school open.

“The outpouring of support from the community and the fear parents are now experiencing over the planned closure of the Most Precious Blood School demonstrate just how much this institution means to our neighbors,” said Senator Michael Gianaris. “I sincerely hope that the Diocese listens to the voices of our community and recommits itself to trying to find a way to keep this beloved school open.”