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Senator Gianaris Speaks on S.7517 Regarding Queens Parkland

Watch this YouTube video of Senator Gianaris speaking on the Senate floor about S7517, regarding Hallet's Point land. The Senate GOP tried to keep Gianaris from sponsoring this bill, despite his work on the issue and the fact that it's in his district.

Senator Gianaris Speaks Against S.7789

Watch this YouTube video of Senator Gianaris' remarks opposing a bill that would make it easier for power plants that were supposed to be placed here on a temporary basis to become permanent.

Sen. Michael Gianaris' bill would change New York's restrictive policy that lets students apply sunscreen

New York Daily News wrote about Senator Gianaris' proposed legislation, which would reverse the New York State Department of Eduaction's ban on students bringing sunscreen to school.

State officials are looking to change regulations that give New York school kids a sunburn.

Sen. Michael Gianaris (D-Queens) said New York has the same restrictive sunscreen policy that led two Washington state sisters to be hospitalized last week with severe sunburns — and he’s proposed legislation to change it.

Gianaris said his bill would rewrite state Education Department guidelines that prevent students from applying sunscreen unless they have a note from their doctor. Instead, Gianaris’ bill would permit sunscreen application with a note from a parent.



Little known policy bans sunscreen in schools

Senator Gianaris appeared on Channel 7's segment on sunscreen in schools and talked about his bill that would make it easier for children to use sunscreen while in school.

Watch the video here.

State Rep: Unblock Sunscreen Ban In Schools

NY1 did a story on Senator Gianaris' sunscreen in school bill. 

Watch the video here.


Smart Power For Astoria

The Queens Gazette wrote about the press conference held by Smart Power NY, a growing coalition that is focused on improving energy generation in the Queens community.

Smart Power NY, a coalition of business, labor and environmental groups along with local and state elected officials, announced that City Council Speaker Christine Quinn has joined the group, which is advocating for access to safe and reliable sources of power, a reduction in carbon emissions, job creation and policies that will help New Yorkers save on their power bills.



Queens Library Scandal Spurs State Lawmakers to Push for System Reforms

Following recent revelations regarding questionable spending and a lack of effective oversight at the Queens Borough Public Library, Borough President Melinda Katz, Senator Michael Gianaris and Assemblyman Jeffrion Aubry today announced they have crafted and introduced legislation to reform the operations of the Library’s Board of Trustees and improve the Library’s overall governance (A.9217/S.6893).


Senator Gianaris Statement on Governor Cuomo Signing Queens Library Reform Into Law

Senator Michael Gianaris released the following statement in light of Governor Cuomo signing the Gianaris/Aubry Queens Library Reform Bill (S.6893-B) into law.


Gianaris/Aubry Library Reform Bill Passes Senate With Overwhelming Support

(Albany, NY) Senator Michael Gianaris hailed the Senate passage of the Gianaris/Aubry Queens Library Reform Bill (S.6893-B), which will now move to the desk of Governor Cuomo, who is expected to sign the bill into law.

“I am thrilled the Senate so overwhelmingly passed my bill and look forward to it becoming law so we can end the abuses that plagued our library system,” said Senator Gianaris. “Once enacted, my bill will rein in the excesses revealed in recent reports and provide a long-term blueprint for an efficient, transparent and accountable library system of which every Queens resident can be proud. I am thankful for  the way just about everyone in Queens came together to fight for these much-needed reforms, which says a lot about our borough’s desire for transparency and accountability when it comes to public funds.”


Democrats Introduce Ethics Legislation Package

Senator Gianaris joined the Senate Democratic Conference in introducing a comprehensive ethics reform package with the goal of cleaning up Albany. Senator Gianaris, who sponsored a bill regarding campaign finance reform, said “for too long the voices of everyday New Yorkers and the candidates that seek to represent them have been drowned out by campaigns that rely on enormous donations from wealthy donors acting in their own best interests. To preserve the integrity of democracy in New York State campaign contribution limits must be dramatically reduced.”

Read the full story in the Wall Street Journal