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Bill would stiffen sex offender penalties

Queens Courier reports on a new bill introduced by Senator Gianaris that would strengthen penalties for repeat sex offenders.

In an effort to keep the public safe from sexual abuse, the New York State Senate has passed a bill increasing the penalty for repeat offenders.


The Senate has approved legislation introduced by Senator Michael Gianaris which excludes time spent in prison from the 10-year period during which the actions of a repeat sex offender are deemed “persistent sexual abuse.”


Under the current law, criminals who commit certain sex crimes on multiple occasions can count time they are incarcerated towards the decade-long period in which they are subject to harsher penalties.



Senate Passes Senator Gianaris’ Bill Getting Tough on Sexual Abusers

(Albany, NY) Senator Mike Gianaris’ bill to strengthen laws regarding persistent sexual abuse passed the New York State Senate by a vote of 59-0 this week. Senate Bill S.612 will amend existing law to exclude any spent in prison from the 10-year period during which penalties are increased for multiple crimes. Assemblywoman Aravella Simotas, author of the legislation, has championed the legislation in the New York State Assembly.

“There should be no place in our society for criminals who repeatedly sexually abuse others in our community,” said Senator Gianaris. “This bill would crack down harder on these miscreants who commit multiple sex crimes in a 10-year period.”