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Senator Gallivan Addresses 2012 State Budget In Video Message

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R,C,I - 59th District) speaks to the taxpayers and families of Western New York concerning the just enacted 2012 State Budget.

State Passes Fiscally Responsible Budget That Respects Taxpayers

Budget Comes Early, Controls Spending and Holds The Line On Taxes

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan hailed the 2012 state budget today as lawmakers approved the spending plan ahead of the April 1st deadline, marking the second consecutive year New York State will enact an on-time budget.

“Passing a second on-time budget in as many years is indicative of the larger progress we’ve seen lately in Albany. Just as late budgets were once a symbol of dysfunction, on-time budgets are symbolic of continued progress,” the Senator said. “Even more important than passing an on-time budget, is that we passed a fiscally responsible budget that respects New York’s taxpayers and keeps the State moving forward.”



Gallivan: “Senate Plan Cuts Taxes, Reforms Medicaid, Protects Seniors and Schools.”

The New York State Senate voted to approve its 2012-13 Senate Budget resolution, continuing its focus on state spending, job creation, and structural reform to government.

The Senate budget, at just under $132.5 billion, keeps the total state spending increase below two percent, and spends less than the Executive Budget. The budget closes a $2 billion budget deficit and builds on last year’s successes in putting the state’s fiscal house in order.


Gallivan Sees Opportunity To Build Off Last Year’s Successful Budget With More Reform in 2012

Senate Republican Budget Plan Will Include Expansive “New Jobs-NY” Plan

Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R,C,I – 59th District) joined fellow Republican members of the Senate today to announce details of the 2012 NEW JOBS-NY Job Creation Plan. The plan puts forth policies critical to revitalizing Western New York, including; tax relief to encourage the creation of new jobs, measures to ensure fiscal responsibility and control state spending, as well as other reforms and incentives to make New York more economically competitive. The plan is part of the Senate budget resolution to be acted on next week.


Senate Issues Mid-Year Economic and Revenue Report

This week the Senate Majority released a mid-year economic and revenue forecast for New York State. A copy of the report can be found at the Senate website,

Working together this year, with Governor Cuomo, we were able to close a $10 billion budget deficit. We balenced the budget by finding efficiencies in government, identifying areas to make responsible cuts in spending, and most importantly, held the line on taxes," said Senator Gallivan. "Significant challenges remain and I look forward to returning to Albany to address next year's budget, continuing to focus on fiscal responsibility, economic development, and job creation for Western New York."

Highlights of the report including the following:


Senator Gallivan Presides over the Senate

Senator Gallivan serves as president pro tem of the New York State Senate during senate session on Thursday, 3/24/2011.


Senator Patrick M. Gallivan (R-C-I, Elma) announced today that he is sponsoring legislation aimed at addressing the alleged pay-to-play culture that exists between private contractors vying for procurement and service contracts and state government. “New Yorkers deserve a state government they can trust and one that strives to serve the people, not secondary interests,” said Gallivan. “This bill will help ensure that companies receiving contracts for public works are being awarded based on their ability to do the job effectively and efficiently on behalf of the taxpayers, not as part of any quid-pro-quo.”


Senator Gallivan's Online Survey

I am working hard in the State Senate on the important issues affecting our area, especially improving our schools, delivering meaningful property tax relief, sustaining our agricultural industry, supporting our sportsmen, working to protect your Second Amendment Rights and helping New York’s businesses succeed, grow and create new jobs.

This last session we worked to enact an on-time budget without raising taxes and kept spending growth below two percent. We rolled up our sleeves and worked in a bi-partisan way to help all New Yorkers realize a stronger, brighter and more prosperous future.

I’m looking forward to continuing to spend time throughout our district hearing from citizens and business owners directly. If you have any questions, please call me at 716-656-8544.