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Senator Phil Boyle Applauds Assembly Passage Of SAFE Act Amendment

 Urges Senate To Exempt Retired Law Enforcement Officers

Albany, NY - Senator Phil Boyle (R-Bay Shore), the first state legislator to offer an amendment to the NY SAFE Act, applauded the New York State Assembly today for passing legislation based on his amendment. 

Senator Boyle's bill, drafted the morning after passage of Governor Cuomo's gun control measure, exempted retired law enforcement officers from the ban on the possession of large capacity ammunition feeding devices.


Senate Passes Bill To Help Prevent Environmental Crimes

The New York State Senate passed legislation that would prosecute those who intentionally or recklessly damage the environment while committing another crime. The bill (S1016) would deter thieves or other vandals from committing crimes that could result in contamination, and hold those accountable for financial and environmental damage from their actions.


Senate Passes Mandatory DWI Testing After Serious Accidents

Chemical Tests Would Be Required If Injury or Death OccursThe New York State Senate today passed legislation that would help increase prosecution of dangerous drivers under the influence of alcohol or drugs. The bill (S1446) would require chemical testing of drivers suspected of being under the influence when an accident occurs and results in serious injury or death.


Senate Passes Bill To Stop Career Criminals

Repeated Misdemeanor Offenses Would Add Up To A Felony ChargeThe New York State Senate today passed a bill to stop perpetual repeat offenders who continue to commit misdemeanor crimes. The bill (S1521) establishes a new felony-level crime of aggravated criminal conduct to bring stronger penalties against those who commit a misdemeanor after having been already convicted for multiple misdemeanors within the past five years.


Senate Passes Bill To Deter Recruitment By Terrorists

The New York State Senate today passed a measure to deter terrorist recruitment and punish those who seek to employ others for their criminal plans. The bill (S1520) would complement law enforcement’s efforts to expose groups who actively seek to engage in terrorist activity by creating a new crime to prosecute those who recruit others to assist them.Active  recruitment for terrorism is a growing trend which requires an immediate response.  As law enforcement actively seeks to unearth these groups and defeat their heinous schemes, we have a responsibility to hold accountable those who solicit individuals for terrorism.


Senate Passes Bill To Ban Synthetic Marijuana And Bath Salts

The New York State Senate today passed legislation to address the threat posed to the public by “legal” but dangerous drugs. The bill (S1686) criminalizes the sale and possession of synthetic marijuana and “bath salts.”Synthetic marijuana or “fake pot” are herbs sprayed with chemicals called “synthetic cannabinoids.”   These products -- including Spice, K2, Cloud 9 and Black 9 -- have dangerous side effects, including rapid heart rate, tremors, loss of consciousness and hallucinations.  “Bath salts,” or “substituted cathinones,” are chemically related to methamphetamines or ecstasy and cause harmful physical and psychological reactions.


Senate Approves Bill To Prevent Intoxicated Drivers From Avoiding Prosecution

The New York State Senate passed legislation today to prevent drunk and drugged drivers from evading prosecution. The legislation would allow law enforcement to seek court orders to compel whenever suspected drunk or drugged drivers refuse to submit to a chemical intoxication test.Chemical tests, such as breath, blood and urine tests, determine a suspected drunk or drugged driver’s level of intoxication. Chemical tests are a critical piece of evidence used in a trial to prosecute a drunk or drugged driver for their crimes.   


Senate Passes Bill To Create A Registry Of Violent Offenders

“Brittany’s Law” Provides More Information About Potentially Dangerous FelonsThe New York State Senate yesterday approved “Brittany’s Law” to increase the safety and awareness of communities by creating a registry of convicted violent felons. The bill (S1850A) establishes a statewide violent felony offender registry by requiring certain convicted felons to register with the New York State Department of Criminal Justice Services (DCJS) upon release from prison.


Senator Phil Boyle Combats Cruelty To Animals

Sponsors Legislation To Modernize Laws and Create Animal Cruelty DatabaseAlbany, NY – Senator Phil Boyle (R-Bay Shore) and his Toy Fox Terrier “Livvy” joined  together for Animal Advocacy Day at the State Capitol on June 4, 2013. “I am pleased to be here today to join my colleagues and the public in supporting Senate initiatives that strengthen the laws that protect our pets,” Senator Boyle said.  “I will continue my efforts to enact laws that not only will combat cruelty to animals but will also make it easier for police, prosecutors and judges to enforce cruelty to animal laws.”  Senator Boyle spoke at Animal Advocacy Day about two legislative measures that he sponsors, both dealing with the prevention of cruelty to animals.