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Tougher Penalties For Texting While Driving To Protect New Yorkers On The Road

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo announced actions to strengthen penalties for texting-while-driving to protect New Yorkers on the road. The Governor has directed the state Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) to implement tougher penalties for texting-while-driving for all drivers and proposed new penalties for texting-while-driving for young and new drivers. In addition, the Governor has directed the New York State Police to increase enforcement of the texting-while-driving ban. This will mean more checkpoints and troopers patrolling on the roads across the state throughout the summer when more drivers are on the road.


Senator Boyle Applauds Legislation To End Shark Fin Trade In New York State

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo today signed legislation that will make it illegal to possess, sell, or distribute a shark fin in New York State. “Every year, an estimated 73 million sharks are killed to supply the growing global demand for their fins,” Governor Cuomo said. “Not only is the process inhumane, but it also affects the natural balance of the oceanic ecosystem. With this new law, New York will be doing its part to help preserve this important species and maintain a stable environment for them.”