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Senator Huntley Helps Protect Unemployed New Yorkers

Senate passes legislation to aid unemployed as tens of thousands face loss of benefits Today, State Senator Shirley Huntley announced that the New York State Senate passed critical legislation (S.4110-A) that will provide an additional 13 weeks of extended benefits to nearly 120,000 currently unemployed New Yorkers.   This legislation comes at a time when our economy is struggling, as Senator Huntley and her colleagues in the Majority are working to turn the economy around and help people find new, fair paying jobs. 


4/27/2009: Senator Huntley explains her vote about Immigrant Workers

S. 3357 Onorato (Requires employers to give written notice of the rate of pay and the regular pay day upon hiring, and get written acknowledgment thereof from each employee; also requires notice of the rate of overtime pay)

3/17/2009: DC 37 Rally

Senator Huntley addresses DC 37 members at their annual Lobby Day

5/07/2008: Paid Family Leave Act

Senate and Assembly Members show their support on this legislation

National Disability Employment Awareness Month

For Immediate Release

October is National Disability Employment Awareness Month

Senator Huntley: “Every person, no matter their background, can contribute to our society.”


5/21/2008: Paid Family Leave Act

Senator Huntley @ the Paid Family Leave Act Press Conference

Retail Report

News From Senator Shirley L. Huntley

For Immediate Release: August 3, 2010

Contact: Kevin M. Webb (518) 455-3531 (Huntley)

Diem Tran (917) 439-2965 (Squadron)


Senators Huntley and Squadron Release Senate Committee on Cities Report

To Help Local Businesses and Revitalize Retail Diversity

Small Retailers Vital to New York’s Economy, Culture