Terry Gipson's posts related to Hazardous Waste

Senator Gipson Addresses the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce

Last week, Senator Gipson joined fellow Dutchess County legislators Assemblymembers Didi Barrett, Kevin Cahill and Kieran Lalor to address the Dutchess County Chamber of Commerce members at Saint Francis Hospital in Poughkeepsie. 

Charlie North of the DCCoC MC'd the lively Q&A session where the Senator answered questions ranging from hydro-fracking to Fair Wage issues.

Senator Gipson, himself a small business owner, pledged his support for measures that would cut property taxes through changes in the way New York State funds education, and vowed to protect the state's drinking water by demanding answers on the dangers of Hydro-fracking.

Senator Gipson Q&A with Joe Martens, NYS Dept. of Environmental Conservation

During my questioning of DEC Commissioner Joe Martens during the joint budget hearings, I was concerned about some specifics of his testimony. New York State seems to have spent millions of dollars on a study based on "hypotheticals." I am concerned that the Governor will make a decision whether to allow Hydraulic Fracturing based on these "hypotheticals" and not real world science. Listen to the testimony and see if you don't agree.

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