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Floor Speech on Ending Rent Disparity for NYC HIV/AIDS Services Admin Clients

At 3:00 am on the morning of July 17th, during a marathon legislative session, Senator Duane passionately advocated on the Senate floor to ensure low-income people with AIDS receiving public housing assistance pay no more than 30% of their disability income towards their rent. Under current state law, the New York State Office of Temporary and Disability Assistance mandates that New York City HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA) clients receiving both federal disability income and rental assistance are allowed to keep only $330 above the cost of their rent.

The New York Times: Law Dictates Who Decides on Care for the Incapable


It is one of those medical quandaries often faced by families dealing with older and dying parents: Who makes decisions for patients who cannot make their own and have not left written instructions?


Senate Health Committee Moves Five Pieces of Legislation

Electronic Signatures for Organ Donation,

Right to Palliative Care Passed


Senate Passes Legislation to Cap Rent Share At 30% of Income for Poor New Yorkers with HIV/AIDS

Aligns NYC HIV/AIDS Service Administration with Other Rental Assistance Programs

(Albany, NY)-On Tuesday the New York State Senate decisively passed legislation, prime sponsored by Senator Thomas K. Duane, that would cap at 30 percent of income the rent contribution of people receiving housing assistance from the New York City HIV/AIDS Services Administration (HASA). 



The New York Times: Housing Subsidy Has High-Profile Foe


The mayor’s office is urging Gov. David A. Paterson to veto a bill that would offer greater rent relief to 11,000 New York City residents with H.I.V. or AIDS, saying the measure would tax the city’s strained budget.