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Senator Kennedy to Host ‘Senior Symposium’

Invites senior citizens from the 58th Senatorial District to join him at outreach event on September 28. BUFFALO, N.Y. – Senator Timothy M. Kennedy, D-58th District, will host a Senior Symposium Wednesday, September 28 from 9 a.m. to 12 p.m. at Lucarelli’s Banquet Center in Lackawanna. The event aims to connect Western New York Seniors to services available to them and to help answer any questions that they may have.


Senator Kennedy Hosts ‘Senior Symposium’, Unveils Legislative Plan to Protect Western New York Seniors

About 500 Senior Citizens join Senator Kennedy to gain access to various services, agencies.


Senator Kennedy Urges Postal Service’s WNY District to Re-Launch Carrier Alert to Protect Local Seniors

Carrier Alert provides a daily check-in and notification system to protect the health and well-being of local seniors and people with disabilities.

 Kennedy calls Carrier Alert a low-cost option to ensure WNY seniors are kept safe. 

Kennedy: Letter carriers visit every home and business in our nation six days a week, and there have been countless instances of letter carriers saving lives and serving as neighborhood guardians on their routes.


Senate Approves Senator Kennedy’s Bill to Crackdown on Financial Exploitation of Seniors

Legislation would expand the crime of larceny to more harshly prosecute people who commit financial abuse of seniors or individuals with disabilities.

Kennedy believes bill would help ensure stiffer penalties in cases like that of Kenneth Hetizenrater, who exploited the trust of a 90-year-old man to steal $550,000 from him.  

Senator Kennedy Announces Expansion of Prescription Drug Coverage Program for WNY Seniors

With first expansion of the EPIC program since 2001, as many as 3,000 seniors in Cheektowaga may now be eligible.

Seniors with incomes under $75,000 if single and $100,000 for married couples now meet EPIC’s income eligibility requirements.


At Senior Symposium, Senator Kennedy Announces New Legislation to Save Seniors Money

Over 300 senior citizens from the 63rd Senate District, covering Buffalo, Cheektowaga and Lackawanna, join Kennedy at outreach event to gain access to state agencies, local service-providers.

Kennedy presents state honors, the New York State Senate Liberty Medal, to World War II veterans from WNY.