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Senator Kennedy Stands Up for At-Risk Children in WNY, Calls for CASA Funding to be Restored in State Budget

Funding for Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) Program cut for 2013, leaving at-risk children without the support they need. 

In the wake of horrible tragedies like the Sandy Hook massacre, Kennedy says we need more access to mental health services for troubled young people, not less. 

Kennedy: CASA gives kids – who have no voice – a voice. You can’t put a price tag on changing the lives of young people in our community


Kennedy: 4 out of 5 At-Risk Youth in Erie County Do Not Have Access to Critical Mental Health Services; Urges Expanded Mental Health Care for Local Children

Kennedy secures $800,000 in state budget to preserve the Erie County Mental Health Association’s Court Appointed Special Advocates (CASA) program, says more funding is needed next year. 

CASA program able to serve 200 of the 1000 at-risk children in need of help in Erie County; MHA, with Kennedy’s support, is pushing to expand the program. 


Senator Kennedy Says Now-Approved Bill Gives Courts Stronger Power to Revoke Parental Rights in Cases of Severe or Repeat Child Abuse

Senate, Assembly pass bill to strengthen courts’ ability to protect children by streamlining process required to revoke parental rights after severe or repeat abuse. Bill now heads to Governor to be signed into law.    

Kennedy:  After taking this important step to protect children, now it’s time to pass Jay J.’s Law and ensure those who hurt children end up behind bars for a long, long time.


One Step Closer: Kennedy, Ryan-Sponsored Bill to Boost Settlement Payouts for Families of Victims of Terrorist Attacks Moves to Governor Cuomo’s Desk

NYS Senate & Assembly Pass Legislation Allowing Insurance Representatives to Waive Structured Settlement Commissions to Family Members of Victims of Terrorist Attacks

Waiver Already Available to Families of Victims of September 11 Attacks Now Expanded

As Beirut Bombing of 1983 Case Comes to a Close, $1.75 Billion in Seized Assets Could be Structured Pro Bono, Granting Families of Victims a Greater Payout