William J. Larkin Jr.'s posts related to Victims


Measures Increase Penalties, Enhance Community Notification and Protection

 The New York State Senate today passed a package of eight bills to prevent sexual predators from obtaining access to potential victims and help law enforcement and communities keep track of their whereabouts. The bills will help increase the amount of information available about convicted sex offenders and seeks to prevent them from obtaining access to vulnerable individuals.


Legislative News from Senator Bill Larkin

Below are legislative actions taken by the State Senate recently to protect our families:

Nothing fake about the dangers of synthetic marijuana: Believed harmless by many, ‘fake pot’ is a dangerous substance whose growing use is spreading through our communities. Herbs sprayed with toxic chemicals, these over-the-counter drugs have been responsible for a number of violent acts and can have devastating effects on a user’s health. To protect our families the Senate has passed S.6694, a bill that prohibits the sale and possession of these hazardous substances. With side-effects as bad or worse than a number of illegal drugs, it’s time that synthetic marijuana is removed from our stores.


An Important Message on Domestic Violence: "NO MORE!"

Since 1987, our nation has observed October as Domestic Violence Awareness Month.  This year, a number of celebrities, athletes, corporate leaders, and concerned advocates have joined forces in the battle against domestic violence with a dramatic new series of public service announcements that feature the NO MORE symbol, the first unified branding symbol (like the pink breast cancer ribbon) related to this important issue.

Along with raising public awareness, I wanted to let you know what I'm doing here in New York to help protect women and families, and to ensure that domestic violence offenders are appropriately punished for their crimes.