William T. Stachowski's Petitions

Save our Parks!

Governor Paterson is attempting to close down our numerous New York State Parks, including Western New York's Woodlawn Beach State Park and Knox Farms. 

-Our State Parks and historic sites generate almost $2 Billion in economic activity each year

-For each $1 NYS spends on our parks, we get back $5 dollars in revenue

-During this recession State Parks provide cheap, fun activities for New York's families, something they need now more than ever

March 6, 2010

Ask Governor Paterson to release our Income Tax Returns

Gov. Paterson has plans to withhold taxpayers income tax returns until such a time as he sees fit, an interest free loan to NYS.

New Yorkers depend on this money to pay back bills, expand their businesses, and cover start of the year expenses. Keeping this money from the taxpayers who are rightfully owed it is wrong.

Sign our petition asking Governor Paterson to release income tax funds when they are due, not six months from now.

February 26, 2010
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