James B. Neider

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James B. Neider
Honoring Our Veterans

After receiving a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, James B. Neider volunteered to serve his country in the United States Army in 1968. Mr. Neider served in Germany with the 3rd Armored Division’s 503rd Military Police Co. as a logistics specialist. He was awarded the National Defense Service Medal, Good Conduct Medal and Expert M-14 Badge for his meritorious service.

Upon returning to his community, Mr. Neider earned a Master’s of Science in Education on the G.I. Bill, and soon started teaching at an elementary school in Alexander, New York. He retired in 2000 after 30 years of service. Mr. Neider also served as Town Justice in Batavia for 14 years.

Decades after first enlisting in the U.S. Army, Jim has become a compassionate, dedicated advocate for veterans. In 2008, he founded the Joint Veterans’ Honor Guard of Genesee County, which has assisted the active military in rendering honors for more than 175 deceased veterans. More recently, he has been working to locate a National Military Cemetery to the region, in an effort to serve nearby veterans and their families.

Mr. Neider is also an instructor for the American Legion’s Flags for First Graders program and a coordinator for the annual Four Chaplains’ Sunday. He is a member of the Vietnam Veterans of America and the Association of Third Armored Division Veterans.

Mr. Neider has also served in numerous leadership positions, including: Chairman, Genesee County Joint Veterans’ Council; President, Genesee Veterans’ Club; board member, Genesee Veterans’ Support Network; Chairman, Batavia Memorial Day Committee and Treasurer, Genesee County War Memorial Fund.

Jim Neider and his wife, Mary Ann, live in the Town of Stafford.