Mary Anne Sears

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Mary Anne Sears

Mary Anne Sears has helped to ensure that seniors remain healthy, active and independent members of the Chili community for nearly a decade! Currently, she serves as the Director of Programs for the Aging at the Chili Senior Center. Under her leadership and guidance, she has brought the Center back to life.

Since she began, Ms. Sears has increased membership to almost 2,000 seniors, from only a few hundred, years ago. She has worked to foster a warm, caring environment by providing enrichment activities such as lectures and local trips. These initiatives are vital to help meet some of the social, cognitive, physical and emotional needs of many seniors in the community.

Ms. Sears has a proven track record of leadership, dedication and passion. She leads a team of three staff members and 100 volunteers. Ms. Sears takes time out of her busy day to learn something special about each member, all while inspiring participation and involvement at the Center’s many programs. She is always creating new, innovative programs and welcoming seniors in nearby communities to join in.

Quite often, Ms. Sears can be heard saying that she “learns more from her elders than any classroom can teach.” She has a true appreciation for and dedication to the seniors in her community.

Ms. Sears’ background is in Gerontology and Therapeutic Recreation, along with many years of experience at St. John’s Nursing Home. She is the recipient of the 2010 “Outstanding Citizen Award.”

In her spare time, Ms. Sears enjoys the outdoors, kayaking, biking and working in her yard. She has a son and daughter-in-law, Eric and Amy, as well as two grandchildren, James and Ethan.