Joint Legislative Public Hearing On 2014-2015 Executive Budget Proposal: Testimonies for "Elementary & Secondary Education"

January 30, 2014

files/pdfs/Joint Budget Hearing 1-28-14 Elementary-Secondary Education.pdf files/pdfs/Report-Poverty and Concentration of Poverty in 9 County Rochester Area.pdf files/pdfs/College and Career Readiness Testimony 1 part 1.pdf files/pdfs/College and Career Readiness Testimony 1 part 2.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NYC Dept of Education.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NYSUT[1].pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NYSUT[2].pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Conference of Big 5 School Districts.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Buffalo Public Schools.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Rochester CSD.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Council of School Supervisors-Administrators.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony SAANYS.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Alliance for Quality Education.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NIEER.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony ACTS.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony 4201 Schools Association.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Literacy NY.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Coalition of Special Act PSD and 853 Schools.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Ossining UFSD.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NY Library Association.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NYSASBO.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Council of School Superintendents.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NYS School Boards Association.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Fight Crime-Invest in Kids - Americas Edge and Mission.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NYS Catholic Conference.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony Citizens Comm for Children of NY.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NYAPT.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NY School Bus Contractors.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony League of Women Voters.pdf files/pdfs/Testimony NYS Assoc for Superintendents of School Buildings and Grounds.pdf