Senator Diaz's comments on the New York State Senate Resolution Commemorating the 2nd Anniversary of Dr. Ma Ying-jeou's Presidency of Taiwan

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    Senate Resolution No. 5167

    BY: Senator DIAZ

            COMMEMORATING   the  2nd  Anniversary  of  Dr.  Ma
            Ying-jeou's Presidency of Taiwan

      WHEREAS, May 20, 2010, will mark  the  2nd  Anniversary  of  Dr.  Ma
    Ying-jeou's  inauguration as the 12th President of the Republic of China
    (Taiwan); and

      WHEREAS, This Legislative Body passed a resolution (Senate No. 4906)
    in March of 2008, congratulating the people of Taiwan for the successful
    conduct of their fourth direct and democratic presidential election; and

      WHEREAS, Taiwan is one of the strongest  democratic  allies  of  the
    United States in the Asia-Pacific region; and

      WHEREAS, President Ma has successfully enhanced mutual trust between
    the United States and Taiwan since taking office; and

      WHEREAS,  Through  cross-Strait  dialogues  and  flexible diplomacy,
    President  Ma  has  transformed  the  Taiwan   Strait   from   a   major
    international flashpoint into a cornerstone for peace and prosperity for
    East Asia; and

      WHEREAS,  The  United States has assisted Taiwan in participating in
    the World Health Assembly (WHA) as an observer in May of 2009, and  will
    continue  supporting  Taiwan's  meaningful participation in other United
    Nations-affiliated organizations; and

      WHEREAS, President Ma took major steps to enhance Taiwan's  rule  of
    law  and  protection  of  human  rights  by  ratifying the International
    Covenant on Civil and Political Rights  (ICCPR)  and  the  International
    Covenant  on  Economic,  Social  and  Cultural Rights (ICESCR) in May of
    2009; and

      WHEREAS, President Ma is  determined  to  strengthening  cooperation
    with  the  United  States in trade and investment, students and cultural
    exchanges, tourism, scientific research and many other areas; and

      WHEREAS, President Ma has expressed his hope  that  Taiwan  and  the
    United  States  will  sign an extradition agreement, implement visa-free
    courtesies for Taiwanese travelers to  the  United  States,  and  resume
    negotiation  on a Trade and Investment Framework Agreement (TIFA) in the
    near future; and

      WHEREAS,  The  United  States  and  Taiwan   share   a   close   and
    long-standing   economic   relationship,   including  $61.6  billion  of
    bilateral trade in 2008, making Taiwan the 9th largest  trading  partner
    of the United States; and

      WHEREAS, New York State exported approximately $1.5 billion worth of
    products to Taiwan in 2008, making Taiwan the 8th largest foreign market
    for New York State; and

      WHEREAS,  Many of the United States' top 500 companies headquartered
    in New York have invested in Taiwan,  including  IBM,  Pfizer,  Corning,
    Citigroup, MetLife, J.P. Morgan and New York Life, to name a few; and

      WHEREAS,  The  State  of  New  York is home to a  large and thriving
    Taiwanese  community,  and  has  maintained  a  friendly  and   fruitful
    sister-state relationship with Taiwan for many years; now, therefore, be

      RESOLVED,  That  this Legislative Body pause in its deliberations to
    commemorate  the   2nd   Anniversary   of   President   Ma   Ying-jeou's
    inauguration,  and  to  express  and  record  its strong commitment to a
    closer economic partnership with Taiwan.