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A Tribute to Senator Thomas Morahan

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    We regret to inform you that New York State Senator Thomas Patrick Morahan your representative in the New York State Senate passed away earlier this year.

    Senator Morahan loved his job and truly enjoyed serving his constituents. He was always true to his principles and steadfastly loyal to ensuing that legislation was passed by the Senate which maintained vital services and protected the quality of life for you and your neighbors. If you would like to visit his archived site, please visit

    His colleagues on both sides of the political aisle mourn his loss. Senator Morahan was highly respected and admired by his fellow Senators. He was recognized and valued as a great statesman, a strong advocate of worthy causes and a practitioner of common sense in government.

    In keeping the Senator’s final wishes that his constituents still have the same ability to access State Government, receive constituent services, track legislation and share their thoughts on pending state issues his office will remain open through 2010 to continue to serve you. Please feel free to refer to the website for useful information accessing local government, visit his District Office or to contact the dedicated staff at the 38th Senatorial District Office by telephone at (845) 425-1818 or email them at should you need require any assistance.