IDC: Making New York Affordable

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    Independent Democratic Conference Leader Senator Jeff Klein outlines the IDC's legislative proposals to Make New York Affordable.

    The plan includes legislative proposals: 

    Making New York More Affordable to Raise a Family by providing child care tax credits and paid family leave

    Making it more affordable to get an Education through the creation of a Pre-paid College Tuition Plan and a increasing the exclusion for tax credit for NY College Choice Tuition Savings Plan

    Making it More Affordable to Work In New York by expanding access to Federal Qualified Transportation Fringe Benefits

    Making it More Affordable to Rent or Own a Home in New York with the introduction of Mitchell-Lama 2020 plan calling for $750 million investment in middle income housing over the next five years and the Study and Stay Tax credit to help graduates who study and stay in New York accumulate the money for a home downpayment

    Making it Affordable to Live Out Your Retirement in New York by expanding the Elderly Pharmaceutical Insurance Plan (EPIC) and providing relief for seniors on their utility bills