Achieve the Dream: Equal Pay for Women

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Millions of women across New York are on the verge of an historic victory, but we need YOUR help!

As part of our 2013 Legislative Session, the New York State Senate passed a landmark Women’s Equality Package to protect women and ensure equal rights.

One of the key goals of this package is an Equal Pay for Women provision which will help women finally achieve the dream of true pay equality in the workplace.

Let me be clear. Our local Assemblyman joins me in fully supporting our nine-point Women’s Equality Agenda, including Equal Pay for Women, and is prepared to vote yes on the Senate package if given the chance. And Governor Cuomo is ready to sign the Senate’s legislation into law if the Assembly acts.

Unfortunately, the downstate leadership of the State Assembly refused to let the Assembly vote on each of our nine points, but instead ended their Legislative Session and left town without acting on our Women’s Equality Package. By doing so, they turned their backs on millions of women across New York State.

The Senate’s nine-point plan has been endorsed by many leading women’s advocacy groups and includes a number of critically important initiatives that will strengthen women’s rights and improve the quality of life for thousands of families throughout our great state. Our plan includes provisions to:

  • Ensure equal pay for equal work
  • Stop sexual harassment in the workplace
  • Strengthen orders of protection for victims of domestic abuse
  • Allow abuse victims to electronically file orders of protection
  • Protect domestic violence victims from housing discrimination
  • Toughen human trafficking laws
  • End workplace pregnancy discrimination
  • Prohibit workplace discrimination because of family status
  • Allow recovery of attorney’s fees in successful sex discrimination cases

You can have your voice heard so we can achieve the dream of equal pay for women. Click here to learn more about our Women’s Equality Package and to sign my new online Equal Pay for Women petition.

Your input will help to send a loud and clear message that every woman in New York State deserves equal pay for equal work! Together, we can achieve the dream.