I’ve done my best throughout the past year to invite the residents of the 53rd Senate District to share your suggestions for rebuilding and reforming New York State government.

Your ongoing input and interest in the future of government has been encouraging – and valuable. And believe me, it’s been important for bringing about some of the key economic and fiscal reforms we’ve seen enacted.

That’s why I sponsored a series of local community meetings last fall and will continue to hold these meetings throughout the months ahead (I’ll do my best to let you know of meetings in your area, but please don’t hesitate to check www.omara.nysenate.gov for future schedules).

Of course there are many issues that demand attention – far too many for all of them to be addressed in a brief survey like this one.

As always, if the issue that concerns you most isn’t included on this questionnaire, I invite you to share your thoughts and comments directly. You can do that by sending me an e-mail, anytime, at: omara@nysenate.gov.

I look forward to hearing from you. My very best wishes to you and your family.

[April 2012 Update: Click here to view a "Survey Results" attachment that compiles the more than 4,300 Questionnaire responses that have been returned to Senator O'Mara since January]

1.) Do you support proposals to address New York State’s short- and long-term economic and fiscal challenges:

The State Department of Environmental Conservation should allow hydraulic fracturing within the Marcellus Shale under strict environmental safeguards, regulation and oversight in order to capture this valuable energy resource, create local jobs and secure other regional economic benefits?