Fighting for WNY's Fair Share! Show Your Support!


Senator Timothy M. Kennedy, D-58th District, has been fighting to secure increased transportation aid for Western New York to ensure we get our fair share of funding for our roads and bridges. Now, he needs your help. Senator Kennedy is asking Western New Yorkers to voice their support for this fight by signing the online petition below.

When the Department of Transportation committed a human error in the calculation of the region’s funding formula, they ended up shortchanging Western New York to the tune of approximately $167 million. Senator Kennedy, a member of the Transportation Committee, is urging the DOT to fix the funding disparity that Western New York has endured as a result of the miscalculation.

“Because of an Albany bureaucrat’s miscalculation, Western New York lost out on $167 million in infrastructure funding over the last two years. It’s imperative that we rectify this disparity in funding by increasing aid to Western New York,” said Senator Kennedy, the ranking member on the Economic Development Committee.

When economic multipliers are taken into consideration, it is estimated that the miscalculated formula has resulted in a loss of $426 million in economic activity in Western New York. The impact of the $167 million shortfall on local job creation is even more striking – Western New Yorkers missed out on the creation of approximately 2,672 jobs.

“Western New Yorkers deserve the jobs and roadway safety, which increased transportation aid would bring,” Senator Kennedy said.