Hold Irresponsible Absentee Landlords Accountable: Share Your Slumlord Stories


Senator Tim Kennedy is asking Western New Yorkers to help him shed light on the need to hold irresponsible absentee landlords accountable. By sharing your slumlord story in the space below, you will help Senator Kennedy gather necessary information from community members who have lived in or lived near ignored or dilapidated properties that are owned by negligent absentee landlords.

“Through real-life, first-hand accounts of Western New Yorkers’ experiences dealing with blighted, deteriorating properties owned by irresponsible absentee landlords, we will ensure lawmakers across this state understand the urgency of this growing problem which is causing serious harm in otherwise strong and vibrant neighborhoods,” Senator Kennedy said.

Senator Kennedy and Assemblyman Sean Ryan unveiled new legislation, inspired by Buffalo’s Project Slumlord initiative, that will help protect homeowners and combat blight in local neighborhoods. Their legislation will help strengthen communities by holding absentee landlords accountable while providing a new funding source for weatherization and home-repair programs for responsible homeowners. To learn more about their legislation, click here.

Senator Kennedy is also asking residents to share absentee-landlord concerns on Twitter using the hashtag “#SlumlordStories."