Join The Fight To Establish A State Registry For Pet Abusers In NY


    Animal abusers are heinous people who hurt and kill animals that are incapable of defending themselves.  An individual who would hurt an animal should be punished severely and creating a State animal registry will ensure they are not able to own more possible victims of their future violence.

    My legislation would require abusers to register annually and prohibit animal abusers from possessing, adopting, owning, purchasing or exercising control over an animal as long as they are required to register.  Any animal abuser who intentionally or knowingly fails to comply with the registration requirements or provides false information will be guilty of a felony which is to be punishable by a imprisonment not to exceed four years or a fine not to exceed five thousand dollars or both.  Shelters and pet stores would also be required to check the registry when selling or adopting an animal.

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