Join the Fight to Protect Your Tax Dollars


Under the currently proposed “Campaign Finance Reform” plan New York State would be forcedto spend over $200 million in taxpayer money to fund political campaigns every year. That’s over$200 million that could instead be spent on investing in schools, fixing our roads, or restoring the Governor’s cuts to the developmentally disabled.

Even worse, taxpayers would be required to fund negative TV commercials, annoying robocalls and candidates expenditures for groceries, gas, babysitters, and personal cell phone bills, all while being forced to shell out their tax dollars to candidates they may not support.

Recently, well-organized and financed special interest groups have taken aim at me for standing up to these downstate billionaires and refusing to support spending hundreds of millions of taxpayer dollarson campaigns.

While I support increased public disclosure about who is donating money to campaigns, as well as strengthening enforcement for campaigns that violate campaign finance laws, I cannot support a system that has led to New York City politicians being caught in scandal after scandal, all with an effort to milk taxpayers who fund these city campaigns.

As these shadowy special interest groups begin their effort to force taxpayer funded campaigns on New York State taxpayers, I believe we should be using our tax dollars to restore the cuts to the developmentally disabled, creating jobs, and improving our roads and bridges.

As the fight to protect taxpayers continues, I need your help.  Please sign my petition and tell the downstate billionaires and special interests that you do not want your tax dollars being spent to fund political campaigns every year. While the debate on this issue will continue, I give you my word that I will always vote to protect the taxpayers of our great state over the special interests of New York City.