Join the Fight to Require a 'Super-Majority' Vote to Raise Taxes and Fees


Taxes are the most important issue plaguing the Third Senate District, Long Island and New York State.  In the past two years, the New York State Legislature has increased taxes and fees by $14 billion.  Raising taxes should be a last resort, not a first option.

I am the sponsor of Senate Bill 1919, a state Constitutional amendment requiring a two-thirds “super majority” vote in both the Senate and the Assembly in order to increase any state taxes or fees.  I am proud that my amendment was approved by the Senate by a “supermajority” vote of 41-19.  The next step in this process is for the Assembly to pass this bill.  My amendment will ensure that state taxes and fees can’t be raised without broad-based, bipartisan support.  It gives you, the taxpayer, more say in your government, because requiring a two-thirds “supermajority” means that more representatives will have to agree that a tax is absolutely necessary before it can be enacted.

This legislation sets the tone for what we have to do this Session in Albany.  We need to restore faith with New Yorkers that our government is accountable and fiscally responsible.

I need you to partner with me to stand up to the establishment in Albany and let them know that we have had enough.

Please sign this petition today, so we can deliver the message to the State Assembly that we are all serious about real change.

You can join this fight by signing the online petition below.