Join the Fight -- Say NO to a New $4,500 Tax Increase for New York Families!


    I agree with you Senator Felder - Enough is Enough!

     ·       The Federal government has already enacted a series of recent initiatives that have increased the tax burden on New Yorkers including the new Federal payroll tax increase, which has forced us to forfeit more of our hard-earned income to the Federal government.

    ·         Now, Washington is considering a "double taxation" plan to eliminate the federal deduction for state and local taxes, which would result in a significant increase for us, here in New York.

    ·        On average, we would see an average $4,500 federal tax increase per family.

    For more information on this proposal you can read a report Governor Cuomo submitted to Congress that details the impacts on New Yorkers. The report is available here:

    We can't afford a $4,500 tax increase.

    Join me in telling our federal representatives that enough is enough! We are not your ATM!

    Oppose the new federal "double-taxation" scheme by filling out the petition below.