Join the Fight to Stop Common Core


    In 2010, the State Education Department secured Race to the Top Funding from the U.S. Department of Education.  In exchange for $700 Million in funding, the state education department made various commitments related to educational standards, testing, a teacher evaluation system, and data collection. 

    As part of this, the Common Core Standards were adopted—without legislative approval—and the implementation of such has been nothing short of a disaster.

    As the father of twin, school-aged children, I understand the need to prepare our kids for success, but not at the expense of a quality education. I don’t want to see my girls lose their love of learning at such a young age. It’s time to stop Common Core for the sake of our education system, our educators and our children.

    If you agree, stand with me and join the fight to stop Common Core. Sign the petition below to show your support for our bill (S. 6604)!