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Join Senator Ball's Fight for Parents Choice on Education


It has come to our attention that local, public school districts are, in the course of seeking mandate relief from the state, recommending that such relief come in a reduction of the maximum mileage at which a district is required to bus nonpublic school students.  Such a reduction, from the current state law mandate of 15 miles to a mere 5 miles, would negatively impact taxpayers’ ability to send their sons and daughters to religious and private schools.  Namely, it would eliminate your right to school choice.

It is absolutely imperative that this measure gets pulled from consideration by the Mandate Relief Council.  Rather, the members of that Council must be made to understand that any change to nonpublic transportation maximums constitutes a disruption in the education of taxpayers’ children.  As such, we, the Citizens Advisory Council for Nonpublic School Transportation, request your signature and support of the following:

1.     That no provision of a mandate relief package be put forth that reduces the maximum busing mileage for nonpublic students as required by Section 3635 of Education Law.

2.     That the State Legislature support Bill No. 2402A, which would increase the maximum mileage limitation for the transportation of nonpublic children by school districts to and from school from 15 to 25 miles.


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