Please sign my petition to urge our leaders in Washington DC to end the government shutdown!

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    On behalf of my constituents in New York State’s First Senatorial District on Long Island,  I am writing to urge the House and Senate to negotiate an immediate end of the government shutdown.

    New York’s First Senate District is host to Brookhaven National Laboratory, Plum Island Animal Disease Center and other federal agencies where more than 3,000 employees are facing or have been furloughed. These federal and contract employees will then be eligible for New York State Unemployment Benefits that will cost our state millions of dollars.  The loss of income and its ripple through our economy – from the coffee shop to the local gas stations and delis – will be devastating.

    I and my constituents are disappointed by the level of irresponsibility we are witness to.  At the State level we have put partisan politics behind us and achieved on-time budgets supported by both parties. If the New York State budget is not passed on time, we as legislators are not paid.

    I sincerely believe you can come together, as we have in New York, to work as partners in the best interests of our country and those you were elected to serve. The time for bitterness and partisanship is past. Negotiate in good faith now for the good of our great nation and the constituents we serve.


    Kenneth P. LaValle
    New York State Senator
    First District

    I am joining with Senator LaValle! End the Government Shutdown!