Dear Neighbor:

    It is truly an honor serving as your voice in the State Senate. As your Senator, my top priority is making certain that your voice is heard on important issues of public policy that affect our 43rd Senate District and all of New York State.

    I always want to hear from you and learn your opinions on issues such as tax relief, Common Core, fracking, casino gambling and other important issues. Please take a moment to answer each of the 10 questions in this legislative survey so I can learn your views on these topics, and contact me if I may ever be of assistance. My very best to you and your family for a wonderful holiday season and a safe, prosperous New Year filled with health and happiness!


    Kathleen A. Marchione
    New York State Senator, 43rd District



    Your feedback will help shape Senator Marchione’s legislative agenda for the upcoming Session. These questions provide some of the arguments both “for” and “against” each policy question to help put the issue in proper context.

    Thank you!


    Supporters of broad-based tax relief say cutting taxes is necessary to make New York more competitive and create more jobs. Opponents assert that broad-based tax cuts disproportionately favor the wealthy and worsen state budget deficits.

    Common Core has been the subject of controversy and concern. Supporters say the new standards ensure students are better prepared for college and a career. Opponents cite concerns of loss of local control, over-testing of students and personal information being shared.

    Senator Marchione sponsored legislation preventing horses from being transported to slaughter for the purposes of human consumption. Supporters say it will protect horses from brutal and inhumane treatment and protect public health. Opponents cite concerns over the potential increased costs imposed on family farmers that have horses.

    Governor Cuomo said the SAFE Act will reduce gun crimes and protect New Yorkers from mass shootings. Opponents of the SAFE Act (including Senator Marchione) say it infringed on the Second Amendment, criminalized law-abiding New Yorkers and increased the costs of firearm ownership.

    Senator Marchione supports banning unfunded state mandates that drive up local property taxes. Supporters say it would reduce the cost of government and reduce local property taxes. Opponents assert that mandates provide necessary services.

    Women earn, on average, 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, so Senator Marchione voted for legislation to end wage inequality. Supporters say it would ensure women finally receive equal pay for equal work. Opponents assert the legislation is unnecessary due to existing federal laws.

    Some local communities lack access to broadband, making it difficult for families and small
    businesses to receive high-speed Internet service. Senator Marchione cosponsored legislation to provide tax credits for broadband expansion into rural unserved communities. (two parts)

    Hydraulic fracturing (“fracking”) involves extracting natural gas from the ground by fracturing rock with pressurized liquid. Supporters say it may lead to more jobs and reduce dependence
    on foreign oil. Opponents cite concerns of possible groundwater contamination and negative environmental impacts.

    This fall, voters approved casino expansion. Supporters say new casinos will boost the economy, create more jobs and generate revenue. Opponents cite concerns over an increase in problem gambling and crime, along with negative impacts on local quality of life.