Let's Keep NY Safe -- Join the Fight


Sign the Petition Below in Support of a Powerful Crime-fighting Tool

Expanding the DNA databank will empower law enforcement, provide justice to crime victims and help prevent repeat offenders from committing even more crimes. That’s why I am encouraging residents throughout our community to sign my online petition and join my fight to expand the State's DNA databank.

Look at the facts:

* DNA holds the key to solving nearly 40,000 cases in New York State

* Since 2006, the DNA databank was expanded to include 36 misdemeanors; law enforcement has been able to convict 1,460 criminals. 

More than half of the criminals convicted of crimes in New York are still not required to give a DNA sample.

Expanding the database will provide key investigative information that can help to solve open criminal cases,  exonerate innocent individuals and prevent repeat offenders from continuing to prey on New Yorkers.  In short, our law enforcement officials need this tool to protect the public and put dangerous criminals behind bars. 

Last year, I supported legislation that was approved with bi-partisan support in the Senate and was endorsed by district attorneys and crime victims’ advocates across the State.  This year, the Senate is again taking action to expand the databank, and I am pleased that Governor Andrew Cuomo has advanced a similar measure as part of his Executive Budget proposal.   

By working together, and getting the State Assembly to join us in taking action, we can expand the DNA databank, solve even more crimes, and help keep dangerous criminals off the streets.

Join the fight to expand the DNA databank in New York State by signing my petition below.