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Petition: NY Jobs For Heroes Program


    Please sign the petition below to show your support for the creation of a "NY Jobs For Heroes Program," which will create a state contract preference for service-connected disabled veteran owned small businesses in New York State. Senator Greg Ball along with Assemblyman Felix Ortiz have introduced Senate bill S.2803-B, and Assembly bill A.5872, which would amend the executive law, in relation to state contract preference for service-disabled veteran small businesses.  

    This legislation mirrors the highly successful federal program that is presently established for a contract set aside, and similar legislation has been enacted in forty-four other states. The program will fall under the purview and be administered by the State Division of Veterans Affairs, and allow a five percent set aside in state contracts for service- connected disabled veterans.

    One in seven veterans are self-employed or small business owners. The same attributes that make these people so vital to defending our freedom are the same hard earned intangibles that make them exceptional at running their businesses. These veterans are America’s largest underutilized work force and New York State would be foolish not to hire them. It is obvious that we cannot wave a magic wand and restore the health of our nation’s service-disabled veterans. We can, however, assist them in their struggle to maintain their rehabilitation by participating in the economic system that they have so greatly sacrificed for from which the people of the United States consistently benefit.

    This legislation has repeatedly passed in the Senate since its introduction in 2007 but has failed to make it out of the New York State Assembly Committee on Governmental Operations. Now, we need your help for its passage in the Assembly. Please sign the petition below to show your support for this very important legislative initiative.